Sunday, June 29, 2008

Little Man's Video Montage

Jonathan hasn't had just a whole lot of blog time lately and I really want to catch up on here with all of his little milestones so I don't forget them. He is still on the verge of walking...we've been saying "any day now" for about two months now! But, he will actually walk down the hallway holding onto the wall..and then give up and crawl because it is faster! He just doesn't seem to have a huge interest in walking. Dr. Farmer used to say Benjamin was "very cautious" before he walked and I really see that with Jonathan, too. His pediatrician doesn't seem too worried. So, I'm trying not to be, either. Barefoot, he'll stand on his own for quite some time. As you can see from the following video, he wasn't quite as smooth with shoes on and mastering a stand:

We took another video tonight on the way home from LIFEGroup. We always say that we really want to "capture" that sweet little voice he has...and we finally did! Every other time he is talking and I turn the camera on he immediately stops, but tonight he was in rare form (as was Benjamin who really wanted to share in the spotlight). I truly apologize for the "Blair Witchiness" of the footage. You may want to take a Dramamine before pushing play. I just had to get him talking, though!

Some of his other words (besides "hi" and "bye" and of course the usual "daddy" and "mama") include:
BALL-- he loves any type of basketball or baseball he can get his little hands on.
EYE-- can't quite pinpoint it on his face, but knows the word.
DIS-- aka "this"; this is his classic word for anything he doesn't know the proper word for but wants to get his hands on. All day long I hear, "Dis...dis...dis."
NANA-- aka "banana"; he is now eating an entire one for breakfast, plus a whole slice of brown sugar breakfast bread toasted with butter! He seriously won't touch it if it doesn't have butter...such a southerner.
CHEEE-- aka "cheers"; he likes to clink his sippy cup with Benjamin's cup before they eat and they both shout "Cheers!" It really is quite funny. David and I laugh so hard when they do this. We have no clue where it came from! Jonathan is also usually the "cheers" initiator, too.
PEAZ-- aka "please"; he has found that it really is the magic word in terms of getting you what you want.

I am amazed that this little boy is already sixteen months old. Where has the time gone?
Jonathan, you bring us such joy every day. We love you, kiddo.


Shellie said...

Your kids are such cuties! I'm so excited to see all of you this weekend.

Amanda said...

I'm just SURE he'll be walking any day now! He's so close! How precious were those videos? I'm so glad you captured his sweet voice on camera!

kotitemp said...

Hey! I enjoyed seeing the videos so much!! How sweet! Sully loved seeing the boys on video he was so excited. We miss you!