Thursday, June 05, 2008

Some Love for Camp Hope

I wasn't going to blog about this, but blogging has truly become a place to store memories as well as other info. I just wanted to recap today's therapy sessions so I would remember some of the cool things we did and maybe I can start implementing a lot of them at home.
We had a different PT this time, her name was Rebecca. She was nice and will be our PT from here on out. It took Benjamin a little bit to warm up to her. It was probably because she kept calling him Ben (even after asking me several times what he went by!). This really doesn't bother me when people do this, it is so commoon. And it would seem logical that he would go by Ben; we just have never done that. No reason. And if you have ever called him that, don't worry! I just think that folks think he is being rude when he doesn't respond. He's not. He just doesn't have a clue who this Ben guy is. He may very well decide to go by that one day.
Shanna was our OT again. Man, I really do like her. Benjamin does, too. It is pretty obvious that she really "gets" him and how to work with him. She picks up on very subtle things, too, that he does. She also takes extra time to explain to me why she is doing something with him and how to do it in case I want to try it at home.
Today he worked on balance (on the big square swing and sitting on an excercise ball), kicking a ball with his left foot (he very strongly prefers to kick with his right, to the point that he almost can't kick with his left), jumping, riding a special trike (we get to take one home for keeps soon--so cool!), lots of muscle-strengthening for his hands including cutting a straw while holding the scissors a certain way, finding coins buried in thera-putty and various other things.
In our home in Muleshoe, we had two old vintage-y school desks put together in the living area to form a sort of kids' table off to the side. I really miss this. I have now used these desks in each of the boys' rooms as a bedside table and don't really want to change that...but I just might! I think it would be good to have a small activity area in our living room again. I tried to avoid this like the plague in this house since we have a playroom, but I'm warming up to the practical side of it. I'm thinking about getting B his own excercise ball here at home to sit on and work on some of his therapy stuff and color in his coloring books (that kid will color around the clock-- maybe not very well, but he sure loves to do it!!). He loved sitting on the ball and Shanna explained how incredibly helpful it is.
That's all I know. I just wanted to get it down "on paper" before I forgot anything.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like this place is wonderful!! Glad they are so good with Benjamin.

I understand the name thing. Everyone always wants to shorten Abriella's name, but we've not done it (we want her to know her real name), so when someone calls her Abby or what-not, she ignores them, because she has no idea who that is! She can shorten it to whatever she wants to one day--Abby, Ella...

J Stolle said...

What great news for Benjamin - it will be one day at a time to do all the small things with him.

After a period of time you won't even realize that he had a "little problem", and he will be on par with all the other kiddo's. Patience and love go a long way!

Love from your cuz,