Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A Man with a Plan

Here we are halfway(ish) through June, and I am just now getting around to really cooking up an actual summer plan. I think since preschool and KISD therapies wrapped up, I was more focused on just hanging out and NOT having a plan. 
But, today we had lunch with Becky and her gang, (another post entirely, after we cleared out the Chick-fil-A play area, this mom feels the need to not show her face at the Harker Heights locale for a few weeks at least). Becky was telling me about their fun plans and stuff for summer, including great summer school ideas at home. I started thinking that, besides the 'norms' of gymnastics, swimming lessons and play groups, this mom hadn't really dreamt up much else. Last summer I was way more on the ball.
So, after blog hopping a bit...visiting my usual summer-saving heroines, Jordan and Lynley, I now have a bit more direction on where to head with our three months of bliss. I totally stole this first idea straight from Jordan who did this with her son. Benjamin and I sat down together and made a to-do list for the summer. 

Straight from the four-year-old:

-Cook a good supper with mommy. (He wants to make lasagna).
-Go to Sea World.
-Bake a cake.
-Make a volcano in our backyard as a science project. Umm, Hollye...HELP!
-Go to Red Lobster.
-Stay at a hotel.
-See all the grandparents and cousins.
-Go bowling.
-See a movie in a theater.
-Feed the ducks.
-Go to a dinosaur museum.
-Stay home.

My dad will love that last one. I may have mentioned this on here before. Just disregard if so. When I was six, my family came up with the idea of putting several destinations in a hat and randomly drawing where we would take our summer vacation. Thank the Lord we drew Disneyland. After emptying the hat and further inspecting, my dad had written "stay home". I think the rest of us would have been a little upset at that one. Benjamin is so like my dad-- very much a homebody. 

I also want to tackle the Fruits of the Spirit again, just like Becky and Lynley plan to do. I may even save some planning and copy all of Lynley's weekly lessons
We do plan to take a few quick trips and one West Texas Tour as well! And we are hoping to accompany David to a workshop in Dallas the last week in July (and hang out with Lori-Loo like crazy). So, there you have it...summer in a nutshell.


Rebecca said...

Hey I think you are super organized to have a plan at all. We usually just do the same old thing every summer! I've thought about sitting down and making a list with Bryan, but his would all be exotic things so I think I will just surprise him with a couple of things :)

Arly said...

You also need to add buying more shirts with buttons. ;) Heehee. Way to cute. And what an adorable picture of two of my favorite nephews!

Beth said...

I'm going to just assume that Benjamin forgot to add "-Hang out with Max and Beth" since we all know it's just a given once we get back. :)

Jordan said...

We want to Lynley's study, too, but I think we are going to wait until school starts. I can't seem to get my act together this summer. Just look at my laundry...five loads in a pile ready to be folded and I just want to go to bed after a fun day of movies and swimming and playing with friends! We won't even start on my floor...

Looks like you're going to have a fun summer, too.