Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Back to [Pre]School!

Today was a day of mixed emotions for this mama.  On the one hand, having an entire day to myself (twice a week!) is pretty great....got so much accomplished! On the other, leaving the boys at preschool, and not staying myself to teach, was a little sad, too. But it is really fun to be on this side of things. This year I'll get to go on the field trips with Benjamin's class, go to my boys' classes for Muffins with Mom, go to party days and be that fun mom who occasionally surprises someone with Chick-fil-A at school for lunch. I have been looking forward to this!  
A couple of my "Busy Bees" from last year are in Benjamin's Pre-K class...that's so cool to me to still see them all the time! And I got a few hugs from other Busy Bees as they scampered off to their new classrooms (weep, weep).
But, all in all....a really GREAT first day back!

September 1, 2009
Jonathan & Benjamin
First Day of School
Belton Christian Preschool

Jon Jon


This pic was taken last week at Meet the Teacher. 
This is Jonathan and his teacher Mrs. Amy.
He is a part of the "Delightful Ducks" class, hence Mrs. Amy's fun shoes!

This was Benjamin at the Meet the Teacher last week.
He is a part of Mrs. Mary's Enchanting Elephants.

The first thing Benjamin does when he gets to his class
 every day is mark the attendance chart.

Jonathan in his class this morning.

A great first day of school deserves a nice treat! 
We headed to Yoyo's for some "fro-yo".
 This was such a cool place! 
It just opened in Harker Heights a few months ago. 

I just love Belton Christian Preschool and feel so privileged to have, not only taught there last year, but have the boys there again this year. I am super excited about both of the boys' teachers this year-- both of whom also attend our church. I feel they are loved and nurtured every minute they are there. 

Mrs. Amy included in her Welcome Letter a sweet prayer that she will be praying every day over Jonathan's little class...it absolutely warmed my heart knowing that sweet Amy says these words for my child:

"Lord, you have made these children
as varied as the flowers of a garden.
You have blessed each one uniquely.
And each fragile, growing child
is infinitely precious in your sight.
You have trusted me to nurture them.
And blessed me with the joy of seeing them grow.
Lord, I teach in reverence to You."


Amanda said...

Oh, that's so sweet! That little prayer brought tears to my eyes! Glad they had a fun day and hope you get to really enjoy those days, too!!!

Becky said...

Happy Back to School Benjamin, Jonathan, AND Mom :)

Love that little prayer! I'm saving it!!