Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cinco, Baby

I am a little behind in posting (what else is new, huh?)....but couldn't let the week get away without posting about our FIVE YEAR OLD!
When did I wake up and have this baby turn into a big kid? Our sweet, sweet Benjamin is such a delight and brings us more joy than we could imagine.

We started off the official birthday (the 22nd) with our traditional birthday cake breakfast.

 I love this, "watch it, kid....this is my candle!"

Cupcakes taken to preschool....which almost got dropped in this photo.
It's always cool to have the first birthday of the year for your class.

We had Benjamin's robot party last Friday night at our church building.

Welcome, Robot Friends!

The Robot Tin Can Men....these were scattered about. We're about sick of canned green beans over here. We've eaten them for two weeks straight to save enough cans. Bleh.

Robots need hydration, too.

And nourishment.

My niece, Kelly, was kind enough to trade me some cuppy-cakes for a blog re-do! I think I got the better end of the deal, here! The girl can bake.

Robot Favors...LOVE to the Target Dollar Spot for all of the last minute Robot party stuff!

Yay for the Birthday Boy!'s been five years? Five?

I can hardly type this without tearing up! This is me with Beth & Baby Max....who departed this morning for Kansas until, gulp, February! Her hubs, Brian is deployed right now. I am going to miss this girl something crazy.

Grandparents enjoying the festivities.

The bounce house....which Benjamin thought was for keeps. Imagine the disappointment when InflatablesRUs showed up after the party to pack it up and take it back with them.

Party People

All in all...a fun birthday for Bennagins. Now, I better run and pick 'em up from preschool before my name is mud.


Anonymous said...

Love the new blog. We can't believe our first west Texas grandson is 5. So smart. Remember yesterday you said Subway to go eat and Benjamin said "What's wrong with McDonald's". Guess where we went?
Love ya all,
Grandma Pawlik

Rebecca said...

That is amazing that he is five. I don't want to think about that happening with Kylee. I bet he was disappointed to loose the bounce house, but it was such fun at the party. Bryan heard that it was there and wished that he had been there!

Thanks again for helping me with the t-shirts. I stayed late and got them all sorted for Tuesday!

Arly said...

I know if I remember driving to Lubbock and back in the wee hours like it was yesterday, that you certainly do! Sounds like he had a great birthday. I'd tell you to give him a big hug from Aunt Arly, but I'm sure he'd just look at you like you were nuts. :)

Beth said...

I already miss you guys so, so much!! Benjamin is such a wonderful, sweet hearted little boy who is growing up far too fast! Love you guys!

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin! We were so sad to miss the BIG NUMERO CINCO, but from the pics, it looks like fun was had by all :) YAY

Kristi I really love the new fall look on the blog...gets me in the mood for cooler weather! Thanks for making time to stop by, I truly enjoyed our visit and we MUST do it again soon!


noni said...

I hate to tell you this Kristi, but you're gonna wake up tomorrow and that 5 yr old will be in high school, so savor every minute!
Where in KS is your friend? Close to Topeka? You should drag Lori up some weekend and she could see family and you could see your friend! We'd love to see you too, of course!
Sherry Yoho