Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Um, apparently I forgot to post about my consignment fun from last weekend. I have now been asked/reminded/scolded by four separate people. Yikes. My sincerest apologies.

But, yes, I did go to the Mamacents sale....which sadly was not in Bell county this season. But, that's okay. Truthfully, the Austin one is so ginormous that it is really fun to shop it. 
Got some awesome deals....and since I don't feel like dragging out the camera and digging through the closets (yeah, they are already washed and put away, too), here's a small sampling of what I found (courtesy of photos I grabbed online).

My L.L. Bean Barn Jacket for $12. 
Little man will look pretty cute in this one:

And in the spirit of warmth, a duplicate of this Tommy Hilfiger jacket (that I pulled this photo off of ebay which was listing it for $18) for $8. Woo. Since they were babies, I have had denim jackets for each of them...I think they go perfect with everything and are a must have for the El Rancho kids.

For some reason, I lost count and bought SIX rugby shirts. They were all great deals and can work for both dressing nice for church with some khaki cords or with a pair of jeans at a football game.
Along with these deals, I found a bunch of green items for Ellison events, lots of jeans and just a bunch of all around good deals. Even found a STACK of 10 Christian kids' books for $3...including a couple of Veggie Tales books! Woo, woo!

Usually at these sales, I try to break even (not spending more than I make on clothes that I consign), however, I barely consigned much this time. I was too eXhAuStEd and crazy busy with my business to prep clothes last week. So, I did the minimum amount, brought snacks for the volunteers which scored my early bird volunteer pass, and showed up and spent about six times what I made. Oh well....I now have a big tub of clothes that didn't make it in this year but will wait for fall 2010.

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Becky said...

Agreed, there is just something about little boys in denim jackets that I love! Classic :)

I am going to have to get in on the Mammacents Austin Action, this coming season! Keep me posted :) I love the fact that you can bring a snack for volunteers and score an early shopping pass. Sometimes that's easier to do with kiddos than volunteering. HUGS!