Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eleven Days??

Wow....I've been quite a blog-slacker lately. It's been eleven days since I've posted. And it has been CRAZY busy around here. I'm not sure if my head is even screwed on right these days...I just can't find enough hours in the day. 

I am really excited about two new things on the horizon. And a little puzzled at the same time. I have recently been contracted by two separate people to do contract work for them. And the cool thing? It's work I am already cards, bag tag designs, etc. This is truly a dream come true, but also a little overwhelming. At this point, I plan to keep Kristi's open and keep rolling out designs...especially blog designs since this is where I get the most business and I love it so much. What I am trying to decide is whether to keep my line of taggies going (I mean it's been active for all of two weeks) or use them as contract work and strictly sell through the business who contacted me. They would take care of the printing, packing and shipping, I would just design them (my favorite part of the process). The other person who has contacted me is an awesome photographer wanting me to help her with her own line of photo cards (along with some other cool stuff)...which brings me to the next dilemma. Where to go with the photo cards? I am really thinking to help streamline it, I may just do my digital deals for photo cards this year. Excuse my rambling while I type as I think, I was just curious to get any input from some of you sweet friends who have helped me launch this business adventure. What started as a fun side job is quickly turning into full-time craziness-- what an AWESOME problem to have, loving this! Let me know your thoughts....drop me an email if you know exactly what I should do!  : )


We were super excited to have David's parents come for a visit last weekend.  It's always nice to see "Grandma & Grandpa Pecos". They arrived Friday evening and headed to the football game with us. The game got canceled due to lightning, good thing we were winning at the time!
Saturday, we headed to Salado for a little lunch and a little shopping. Grandma & Grandpa bought the boys the cutest vintage toys there...a wind-up robot for Benjamin and a wind-up train for Jonathan.

We hung out around the house for a bit Saturday afternoon while Jonathan took a long snooze. Grandma & Grandpa gave Benjamin his birthday presents-- a cool Dinosaur floor puzzle and an Atari game control with several of the vintage games on it. Benjamin (and Daddy) have a hard time staying off of the Atari!  

Saturday night, we headed over to the Market Heights center for supper at Cracker Barrel, cruising Barnes & Noble and frozen yogurt at YoYo's. Sunday, we headed to Belton for Bible class and church. We came home and threw turkey burgers on the grill before having to tell Grandma & Grandpa goodbye. We miss ya already!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome that your biz is growing so much! I'm so proud! You are doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

Such a dilemma. You didn't say about the second one. Go for it all. You are so good at designing and you know we will help out with the boys.

Jennifer said...

How exciting! That's awesome! I have been so busy that I haven't had time to figure out what I want on my baggie taggies. I better get on that soon before you REALLY REALLY get busy!!!

Becky said...

God is blessing your efforts Kristi, you have the best of both worlds. My advice, stick with what you love...whatever that may be and let others do the same! You'll make the right decision for YOU :)

And eleven days? Girl...that's nothing, I've been a terrible blogger all summer long.