Monday, November 26, 2007

Five Big Ones!

We also celebrated our five year anniversary over the holiday break! David was the mastermind behind all of the planning this year and wouldn't let me know what all we were doing until we left Killeen.
He planned such a fun time for us. For those of you who do not know our story-- we had what we refer to as a "semi-elopement." We told most of our friends that we were planning a March wedding, but decided that a) we didn't really want a big wedding and b) we didn't really want to wait until March. So, we gathered our immediate family and got married at the sweet little chapel out in Buffalo Gap, Texas. We had a fabulous time. By the time were on our way to our honeymoon, all of our friends were receiving cards in the mail letting them know what we had done. For details, they joined us in January at a reception in Abilene. It was the perfect wedding for us.
Well, we made our first trip back to the sweet little chapel on Friday. It was super fun. We had a great time just remembering our fun day together. We also went to Perini Ranch and had a lot of fun-- the boys especially loved Perini's. David also stopped along the way and picked up some beautiful roses (which he had already ordered ahead of time-- way to go, David!). It was an absolutely perfect way to spend our anniversary.
We even decided it would be fun to go on a date that night, just the two of us. So, instead of heading home, we went over to my parents' where we tucked the boys in and headed out on a big lavish date to....Starbucks!! We were so exhausted that was all we had the energy for. We'll have to save the big date for another time!


Hollye said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad you took the time to for a date...even if it was to Starbucks!!

Arly said...

That's a great picture of you guys and the boys.

Jennifer said...

Happy Anniversary!
-Jen Joyner