Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please Help!

Well, that was an awfully dramatic title, but now that I have your attention... I am needing to update my Christmas card list for once and for all (that means nobody can ever move again--ever!). Some of this is due to the fact that we had a MAJOR computer crash at the beginning of the year. If you know or are one of the people on the following list, I am needing some updated contact information:
  1. Daniel and Heather Boyd (address) (got it!)
  2. Larry and Carmen Forrister (address)
  3. Stephanie Harper (address and email)
  4. Cade Hooten (address) (got it!)
  5. Amanda Pawlik (needing her new address)
  6. Amber Pawlik (address and email)
  7. Amber & Frank Peck (Have they moved yet? If so, I need their new address.)
  8. Koti Templeton (Faith-- I will forward this onto you!) (got it!)
  9. Eric & Kaye Vaughan (address)
  10. Jami West (email only)
  11. Charlotte & Larry Wittis (spelling? address)
For now, that is all I can think of. If I think of more, I'll just edit the post. Feel free to just email me if you don't want to post your address. THANKS A BUNCH!

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