Monday, November 19, 2007

Down the Muleshoe Memory Lane

We were so blessed to get together with some really good friends at the end of last week. Gary and Hollye Hooten became instant friends (actually family) to us while we lived in Muleshoe. We were so far from either of our families, it was so nice to have them. They were also like grandparents to our boys. We saw them at the end of the summer which I posted about here.
They were in Austin for a conference, along with a few other good friends from MISD, and we really enjoyed catching up (and celebrating Hollye's birthday!). Thursday night, Gary and Hollye drove out to Killeen and we had supper here at the house. There are still nose prints on my storm door from Benjamin standing there with much anticipation waiting for them to pull in the driveway!
Friday we headed to Austin to meet up with them again, along with our other MISD comrads. We just had a great time catching up.
On a side note, Gary and Hollye are expecting TWO grandbabies in April! Both of their daughters, Heather and Amy, are due within twenty-something days of each other! How exciting!
We are hoping to make it to Muleshoe sometime after the holidays to see them again and meet the new Kettner kiddo!! We still are in the dark as to whether they are having a boy or a girl. That Deborah can really keep a secret!
Anyway. It was just so good to see some truly wonderful friends that are so dear to us.


Arly said...

I can't wait to see you and the kiddos on Wednesday!! WOOHOO!!!

What time are you guys going to be there?

Hollye said...

We had a GREAT time seeing ya'll. We have looked forward to getting to see your new home so we can put you in place in our minds. Your house looks just like it came out of a Southern Living magazine. Hmmm. The supper was wonderful,also.
The boys are SO precious. I know that we cannot go that long again without seeing them. I could sit forever and listen to Benjamin talk and Jonathan laugh!
I hope ya'll have a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving. Tell your mom thanks for the card that she sent us.

Heather said...

Mom and Dad said they had a wonderful time with you guys! Thanks for letting them borrow your kids for a while...:)