Tuesday, November 06, 2007

We're still here!

We're still around in the blog realm, just been a little busy lately in the real world.
David has been battling kidney stones and we are hoping they are finally gone. He was in the ER and everything, but we are doing better now-- I hope!
As of this morning, David, Jonathan and I all have small colds. I have almost lost my voice completely. I thought it was nothing, but it turned out to be more annoying than anything else. Jonathan had part two of his flu shot and it has made him a little more cranky, but not as bad as the first time. He is saying "mama" now! And clapping, too.
Benjamin is starting to realize what holidays are. He is looking forward to Thanksgiving, which he goes around saying, "is a very special day." Very true! He is also looking forward to the arrival of Santa Claus, which he also talks about everyday.
David is headed down to Houston for a conference tomorrow and will be back on Saturday. While he is gone, the boys and I are going to Marble Falls for a couple of days to help my parents paint their kitchen.
We have started on the playroom. We painted the entire base coat, which is a light coffee color. (It looks like my kind of coffee, lots of creamer!) I say, with reluctance, that the diamonds are not going to happen. Mathematically, I have tried to plot this room out on paper for hours and it doesn't work. When I did this before, I just did one wall in the room. And, in Muleshoe, our rooms were actually square, with even measurements. The room we are painting is very odd shaped, for one thing, it has five walls! The fifth wall is only three feet long, but it is what is throwing this whole thing off. So, with a heavy heart and a few sobs, I have decided to do horizontal stripes. They will be a lighter khaki and a red. I am actually pretty happy about it now. I will save the diamonds for something else-- one day!
We also had supper last week with two couples from church that fixed us the best meal ever! I am still dreaming of crabcakes with creamy dill sauce. And David has mentioned the stuffed shrimp about half a dozen times since we left their house. Such amazingly sweet people at our church. We just can't get enough of them!
Hope everyone is doing well. Sorry for the wordy blog, just wanted to update everything.

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Rebecca said...

I'm glad that your painting is going well. We just finished our first painting job. We painted Kylee's room purple. Well I shouldn't say "we," Jonathan painted it.

I hope you had fun in Marble Falls.