Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun Times on the Farm

Well, we got back from Muleshoe Thursday evening and we all crashed pretty early. We had such a blast! David was eagerly awaiting our arrival with surprises for all of us!
We stayed with the Hootens, our really good friends. Gary & Hollye became Benjamin's & Jonathan's "Muleshoe Grandparents" while we lived there (and still are!). It was so nice to have such good people take care of us the four years we spent there. They truly are family to us and we miss them to pieces.
They live a few miles outside of town on their farm and Benjamin had such a blast just playing the whole time. Jonathan worked very hard on his "rolling" skills and conquered their entire living room floor. He set his mind to it and rolled from one side to the other-- constantly!
We were also able to catch up with lots of friends at church Wednesday night and it just felt good to be back in West Texas.
I also got to hang out on my own with my two best girlfriends, Koti & Deborah. Koti and I spent a good deal of time trying to convince Deborah that she could at least tell us what she is having (my bet is on boy!). We promised her secret was safe with us. However, she was a tough cookie and we never did break her down. I will say she is quite the adorable pregnant gal! It is funny to actually see Deborah pregnant because she is absolutely the epitome of motherhood to me. When I met her four years ago, she already had Jacob & Riley and we were still just David & Kristi. I feel like I learned A LOT from watching her before Benjamin was born. I also distinctly remember calling her on the phone the morning after we brought Benjamin home from the hospital and just crying saying "you didn't tell you it was this hard the first night!"
She sort of chuckled and let me know that she just didn't want to scare me. So it is just super interesting to see her as a pregnant lady. Maybe she'll be calling me after her first night home with little Johnny...or Janie? C'mon, Deborah, you can tell me! I am so far away now, who would I tell? Don't actually answer that, we all know I would be on the phone so fast with Koti! :)
We really just had such a super time catching up with everyone and I know Benjamin just had a blast on the farm. Although at times he got a bit cranky (who needs sleep when you're at Gary's & Hollye's?) he still is talking about that fish tank in the barn and painting with Hollye! Too fun.

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