Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Church Update / Splish Splash

Just wanted to update you all and thank you for your prayers on our behalf. We feel as though we have probably found our church home at the church of Christ in Belton. This past Sunday was just as great as the previous one, even better actually.
Benjamin not only went to his class with no problem, he about left me in the dust to get there. David and I also enjoyed our class a great deal again. When we raised our hands to indicate we were guests, a girl toward the front turned around and looked at me and said "It's Kristi Pawlik." Wow. I hadn't heard that in awhile!
It was Brooke Stephens (now Monroe), a girl I was in GATA with at ACU. We met up after class and it was great! I also bumped into Holly Hutton (now Mock), another ACUer who happened to grow up in Muleshoe! My ACU streak continued as I saw several other alums from our time period "on the hill." It was so neat to meet up with some great people. We even went to lunch with a big group of the young marrieds class afterward. They are all at that same time of life we are, little kiddos and all!
This past Sunday can only be described as very refreshing. The girls invited me to their SAHM's (stay-at-home mom) group tomorrow at the church building. Their group is preparing the meal for tomorrow night before church and I am excited to tag along and get to visit a little more.
The timing of this couldn't be better. A girl who I had gotten to know in our MeetUp group is actually going back to work next week and I was a little concerned about Benjamin's new friends (the twins I described in a previous post) not being at the MeetUp events anymore. So, hopefully this will really get him connected to some of the kiddos from church.
Today was our last MeetUp with the twins and their mom, along with the rest of our group. Let me tell ya, this area has so much to offer families with tots, and most of it is free if not super cheap! We went to "Splash Park" in Belton today and it was a blast! These new "splash pads" seem to be popping up everywhere. Benjamin described it as the "fwat (flat) pool," which is somewhat correct. It is a large area (this one is a cowboy theme) filled with fountains and sprayers and gidgets/gadgets all geared to the littler crowd. He had a blast. And Jonathan just loved watching all of the kids, he stayed quite content for well over an hour just gawking at all the kiddos. One of the other MeetUp moms comented that he is always so content at our events. It's because has the best entertainment-- a bunch of toddlers running around like crazy! What more could a baby ask for?
Again, this is another great place if you are ever in our area with kids. And if you are, you better call us to join you!

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Arly said...

No ankle issues then at the water park? :)

Cute pictures, and I'm glad you've found the right church for you.