Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday , David!

Tomorrow is David's 34th birthday! We celebrated at home tonight with the boys. We are headed to the River Walk and other SA fun for the weekend.
Benjmain has gotten into helping with everything around the house, from cooking to cleaning to mowing to whatever he can think of to offer his help on. Today of course, he helped make Daddy's cake. I bought him his own bottle of sprinkles to assist me. However, this instantly turned into sprinkle city after I had already iced the lettering into the cake. It was a crunchy cake, but he made it with love for his Daddy.
We were also pretty proud of Benjamin tonight. While taking his bath, he started singing one of his Bible class songs he learned in Muleshoe, and they sing it here as well. He sang...
"Where is Jonathan, where is Jonathan? Did he come? Did he come? Come to Bible class. Come to Bible class. Yes he did. Yes he did."
He sang that through several times inserting various "friends"...
"Where is Daddy..."
"Where is Mommy..."
"Where is Lightning..."
"Where is Mater..."
"Where is Sally..."
"Where is Red..."
"Where is Doc Hudson..."
"Where is Hudson Hornet..."
It's good to know that our Cars friends are starting out with a firm foundation!

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Arly said...

Happy Birthday David!!

Also, that's cute that Benjamin includes Car friends into that song. Just wait until he asks God to watch over Mommy, Daddy, Mater, Lightening, Brother... :)