Monday, August 20, 2007

Goodbye, dear friend.

Well, we have had our first major toy loss that has, indeed, affected the tone in Dominguez house as of right now.
Our Cars friend, Sarge, is currently en route back to our currently not so favored friends at Mattel. He is involved in this major recall that is underway and apparently contains a little too much lead in his paint job.
This has actually been a little traumatic for Benjamin, as he has become an avid collector of the small die-cast cars from his favorite flick. In fact, David and I, along with many of our family members have been sucked into hunting these cars down anywhere they are available. We have quite a collection, which has taken us many, many months to put together. And sadly, Sarge was one of our major players that we fondly played with on a daily (if not hourly) basis.
I am a little sad to say that we probably won't be able to replace him. Mattel does indeed send you $7 in a gift card to purchase a new toy from their line of products. However, it took us about five months to track down our original Sarge (my parents actually found him in Marble Falls at their WM), and I am almost positive that once the properly painted Sarge hits the shelves, he will fly off of them just as fast as before.
So, goodbye fond friend. We will miss you. And now, Fillmore is very lonely.

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Arly said...

Oohhh. How sad. I'm sure Benjamin is just at a loss. :( How'd you break it to him?