Sunday, August 26, 2007

Table Talk

I first want to mention that Jonathan has become a little rock star in the high chair. He really knows how to handle a meal-- and get it EVERYWHERE! He has been having a few unpleasant "issues" and he now has to have prunes at atleast one meal a day. He can not stand them, so we try to alternate spoonfuls of prunes along with his vegetable. So, only every other bite is prunes and the other may be carrots or whatever. He hasn't quite caught on to us yet. He knows he his getting something good at one spoonful or another, so he seems resigned to opening up at every bite. We do have issues with constantly sticking our hands in our mouth at every bite, resulting in the accompanying photo. Our other issue is trying to lick whatever fell onto the bib in between bites, face down in the muck and the mess. What a goofy guy!
Benjamin cracked me up at lunch on Friday and I keep meaning to blog about it. When we eat lunch, I just keep the radio on in the kitchen because there is a great country station out of Waco that plays a fabulous oldies lunch hour. Well, Friday just happened to be Ray Stevens day and they played just about every silly song from the collection. Of course, Benjamin would like The Streak. He loved that sound effect "wheeee" and thought it was just hilarious. I couldn't decide if this was okay or not. I mean the song is indeed about a streaker, this can't be good. Funny, yes. He also picked up the phrase "Don't wook, Effel!" (Don't look Ethel), when it was all over and done. The joys of preschoolers.


Shellie said...

We grew up listening to Ray Stevens and as far as I know none of us have streaked at any kind of sporting event. I didn't know what the song was talking about until I was at least 12. It would have been funny to hear Benjamin say that.

I'm so glad to hear you guys are enjoying the church there. It makes such a difference to be surrounded by people you know love you!

Kristi said...

Hi Shellie! I am glad to know that you grew up on this, too. It looks like my boys are about to as well.
Good to see you at Samantha's wedding!