Monday, August 20, 2007

Is it Monday already?

Don't you just hate that Monday feeling...especially after such an awesome weekend. I certainly don't hate my job or anything, I have the best job ever. I just always feel bad for Benjamin on Mondays because he wants to know where Daddy is. Nonetheless, we had a fabulous weekend and loved and lived up every minute of it!
David and I went down to San Antonio on Friday night for his birthday. We were able to stay down by the Riverwalk and just hang out and have a blast. We even enjoyed a round of "Feliz CumpleaƱos" from a great Mariachi band at the restaurant we ate.
BTW, we HIGHLY recommend the Plaza Marriott San Antonio, one of the best hotels we've ever stayed at, they even gave us complimetary parking since it was David's birthday (a $20 gift!). Great location, super amenities, the works if you're looking to get away for the weekend!
We were gluttons for punishment and decided to go to the San Marcos Outlets on Saturday to hang out with the rest of the tax free shoppers. It really wasn't THAT bad. Once you found a parking spot, you were home free. The trouble was finding a parking spot. It took us 35 minutes to find a spot and when we did we let out a big "WooHoo" and called several people we knew to tell them of our success. Other than that, it really wasn't too bad at all. We got some great deals and David is set with a great wardrobe to begin the school year with. It's funny, the people who we told we were doing this advised us to go early and it wouldn't be so bad. This was actually not the best advice, sorry friends! About 4 p.m., the place was clearing out and I can't tell you how many empty parking places I saw on the way out of there. So, my advice to anyone who does this next year: go late! Most of the stores stay open until midnight on the tax free weekend, and some are open 24 hours a day the whole weekend. The later the better. It gets cooler, and a lot less crowded. And the stores stayed well-stocked and they all had extra staff on hand to keep everything neat and tidy, so it didn't look picked over at all. I was very surprised at how organized the whole thing was and how well replenished the shops stayed all day, even with thousands of people in and out. Certainly not the weekend you would want to work retail.
We headed home that night, but not without a stop in Austin for a little more shopping and eating a great dinner at TXLC.
Benjamin and Jonathan spent the majority of their weekend at my parents, having a blast of course. They both came home pretty tuckered out. But not too tired to enjoy a couple of hours at the water park with the Rancier MS and Killeen High faculty families-- super fun!
All I have to say is that it sure does feel like a Monday!


Arly said...

I have got to say, that is a very cute picture of Benjamin. WATER WINGS! That boy loves the water, doesn't he?

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi! I finally got a chance to pop in on your blog- I am so glad to hear that everything is going so well! Your boys are so precious and I cannot believe Benjamin is about to be THREE! It just flies! Hadlea will be one tomorrow- it has been a blessed year! Tell David happy late b-day! You guys look so great! Nathan has a my space page- I am just a stalker- even on his :) but you can leave messages for us if you want
Keep in touch!
Love ya- Melanie