Sunday, August 05, 2007

Headed West

Just wanted to let everyone know that we won't be posting for a few days. The boys and I are headed to Muleshoe for a few days to catch up with good friends before the school year sweeps everyone away into hectic times. Pray for safe travels.

Oh, and an update on the church situation. We think we may have found a good fit for us up the road in Belton. We are going to visit next weekend again. We visited once before, but going to class there today really helped us meet come folks. And, it has been the first place that Benjamin had no problems staying in class and actually talking all about what he had done. David and I enjoyed the adult class and it looks like there are a TON of young families. There were lots of kids in Benjamin's class and he's in the "older two's," so imagine how many in his age range. Lots of little friends for Jonathan, too! I was very impressed with the class set up. I told the teacher to feel free to get me if she needed to and then she told me all about the "pager system." Each child has their own pager for their mom & dad to keep if they are needed back in their class. Very cool. And we didn't even get a page! Enjoyed the service very much, too.

A really nice couple our age sort of took us "under their wings" when they realized our boys were in the same class. They were very helpful. She is also a SAHM (stay-at-home mom) and invited me to lots of fun activities for all of the SAHMs during the weekdays.

We are really looking forward to visiting there again!

I am sure we will have some fun pics and stories from Muleshoe when we return!

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Gnarly Arly said...

You need to stop and see Aunt Arly and Uncle Sam!!!