Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Prayer Request

Hi there. David & Kristi both here. We just wanted to put out a prayer request to our family and friends during this "transition" time in our lives. We are really struggling with finding the right church home here. We have visited several places, one of which we really like, however, we are still not ready to place membership. With several churches in our area, it's hard to know for sure which is the right fit for us for the long term. We are trying to avoid just being "attenders." We want to be an active part of a body. We also feel as though we are trying to duplicate different aspects of previous churches we have been members of, instead of looking at this as an entirely new experience. So our prayer request is to be led to the right church home. If we need to step out of our comfort zones we can. Just pray for us.

Thank you!

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