Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Inflatable Funland-- so fun!

I have been getting together with this playgroup every so often to try to meet some other moms with kids our kids' ages. Today was our third outing and we met at the coolest place ever! If you are ever in Temple with little ones, you MUST go to Inflatable Funland on I-35 ( We had such a blast.
Benjamin even conquered his fear of super steep slides! He has really enjoyed three other little boys in the group, two of which are twins. They are all about his age. We pretty much had the run of the place so all of the kids had a great time. It even had the "Chuck E. Cheese"- like security system with the wrist bands so I could let Benjamin run around like the wild man he was and I could push Jonathan around in his stroller with no worries. And hand sanitizer stations, too: what a dream!
Whoever invented this place needs a pat on the back. A secure, air-conditioned, very clean, HUGE playground-- absolute perfection!

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