Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blogging Rocks!

I had the BEST surprise in my email inbox last night. It was a note from some wonderful friends from Abilene that we had lost touch with over the past few years!
Tim and Jennifer are just the sweetest couple EVER! I had to post their pic; hope you don't mind, Jenn! They also now have the most adorable little baby, Max, who is just a few weeks younger than Jonathan.
Even crazier? They live only an hour away in Waco and we are eagerly looking forward to getting together with them soon.
One of the neatest things is that they found us through this very blog. How fun is that? Isn't technology wonderful?
One of our funniest memories with them is the day we packed up our Uhaul to move from Abilene to Muleshoe and how hectic that was. We had a few last minute details to "deal with" in our Abilene house that we promised the new buyer (also good friends of ours!) that we would do before we handed over the keys. This included replacing a faucet in the kitchen because the old sprayer had broken, so the entire thing needed to be replaced. After three (or four?) trips across town to Lowe's, we were so thankful TIm was there to get us in working order. In the meantime, Jennifer even ruined a good pair of pants to help me touch up paint in the kitchen. It was a wild one, let me tell ya! But they spent hours upon hours with us that day making sure we were able to get everything done.
Shortly after we moved to Muleshoe, they also moved and Tim was deployed (he served us ALL in the Army, what a guy!). That is when we somehow lost touch with these precious people.
So, all that to say...I am so thankful that the blogosphere has brought us back together! What a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Kristi, I remember Tim and Jennifer they came to you and David's rescue when dad and I were running to the minor emergency for Dad's hand. How neat that you met again through the blog.Tell them hello for us.
Love ya, Mom

Shellie said...

Ohh. I haven't seen them since we help them load up their moving truck to move out of Abilene. Tell them I said hi too!