Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This & That

I can't believe that I have let almost a week go by without blogging. We've had a few wild days but hopefully we'll be normal for awhile (whatever normal is).
Benjamin, as previously decribed, was sick at the beginning of last week. Jonathan got a yucky little cold following that. I have felt so cooped up with them getting sick right in a row! We finally "emerged" from the house on Saturday and have been hopping ever since.
Since my previous post, Jonathan has become super-mobile. He is crawling everywhere and getting into everything he can get his hands on. His favorite new place to explore is the kitchen. He pulls all of the Fridge-Phonics magnets off the fridge and puts them on the floor in the pantry, where he proceeds to pull all of his babyfood out of its basket. When I watch him do this, he looks like he is trying to decide what he'll be having at his next meal. All admist his busy-ness, he seems to be having a running conversation with himself.
Benjamin has a new BFF in Bethany Duggan. Amanda & Raymond came over to the house for supper last night and Benjamin and Bethany had a whole lot of fun together. We now have a few inside jokes over the things they said to one another last night.
We also took the plunge and bought our first ever piece of excercise equipment (besides the ball that got left somewhere in Muleshoe-- how did we miss that one?). We purchased a treadmill on Saturday. After having taken it for a few "break-ins", we realize that not only are we out of shape, we are pathetically out of shape. Hopefully, the purchase will help us improve on that.
We're still here in the blog realm. Just really out of shape!

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Alisha Stewart said...

I'm glad your little guys are doing better! We missed you at church last night.
My mom-in-law got Adam and I a treadmill as a combined birthday present. She ordered it from CostCo so we are anxiously awaiting our delivery in 6-8 weeks. I have not been very good about going to the gym so hopefully I can start getting back into shape as well.
Lets try and get together next week. I miss you guys!