Wednesday, January 02, 2008

We Resolve (& I'm not talking carpet cleaner)

My husband is a huge New Year's guy. I truly think it is his favorite holiday. He is one of those that puts his resolutions in writing and actually checks his progress as the year goes on. I have never been a huge New Year's person. Mainly, it says to me...pack up the decor, time to get back to normal. The fun is officially over. Okay. Maybe that is a little extreme and a bit pessimistic, but, after the Tournament of Roses parade, I am officially a Debbie Downer through my birthday.
But, as a tribute to my husband, I thought I would not only write down our resolutions for 2008, but I will go ahead and publish them for all the world (or all three of my blog readers) to see and hold me accountable to.

We resolve to kick our Coke habit. The cola that is. And guess what? Five cups of coffee and a few Tylenols (I get headaches without my Coke fix!) and we're doing okay. Not a single Coke/DP yet. Go us.

We resolve to take on an outdoor activity as a family at least four times a week. Even if it is as simple as walking the kids around the block in the wagon. All of us. Together.

We resolve to eat more at home. Since moving here, we have had a bit of sensory overload with the amount of restaurants within minutes of us and have perhaps gone a little (okay, a lot) overboard. We will try to limit ourselves (and waistlines and budget) to 1-2 (wince) times out a week. And this includes Bueno. Not Starbucks since it is a beverage establishment, not food. It so doesn't count.

We resolve to take control of our time and commitments. This is where it gets a little hairy. We are both people pleasers and want to say yes to everything that comes our way. We have decided that taking on new commitments, outside of church and family, is too much for us at this point in time. We want to get involved in our church and the lives of the people there. We really want to try to not let anything pull us away from getting to know this new church family and commit to them our talents and time in any way we can serve the Lord and His people.

We resolve to quit sweating the small stuff. I almost lost it the other day because I couldn't find the matching "Christmasy" socks to go with one of Jonathan's sweaters. Was this neccesary? He wore white socks and it was fine. I won't remember it in ten years anyway.

I personally resolve to keep a fresh pitcher of iced tea in the refrigerator everyday for David. He loves it and the sporadic way I keep up with this is pitiful.

I personally resolve to work towards a much healthier lifestyle, in terms of eating habits and excercise. I recently made peace with not starting a diet. That would just lead to breaking a diet and I can no longer do that in my life. I must change habits for good. Babysteps.

I personally resolve to lay off the handsanitizer-enforcing and somewhat abuse of the product. I need to just live. Not live in fear of the stomach bug. And the fact that if anyone throws up it will completely throw me into a tailspin. Babysteps.

I personally resolve to get my closet in utter and complete order. Coming from a much older home, my new closet (and yes, it is mine all mine) is vastly larger than the old and it has thrown me. What seemed like a great idea at the time now overwhelms me. I am used to having clothes in every closet of the house, not just mine. Tommie, I may need your help with this one!

I think that is all for now. It is getting late and I have to be up early. Happy New Year.


Arly said...

Kristi, I would highly recommend a book that Sam and I just read. It's called Boundaries. By Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. It has some really usefull information and would help you with the time commitment issue. Just wanted to pass that along!

J Stolle said...

Hey girl, don't sweat the small stuff, it will always be there. It does take time to kick that habit. I was a clean freak all my life, well after retiring this past year, clean means a clear walk way in the house. Yes, it is hard for me to see stuff laying around, but I have to offer up a quick prayer and move on, or over it. God will not look at your house, but your heart and soul.

Love ya,
Janice Stolle
San Antonio, Tx

P.S. Great Aunt Mary says hi, and loves the pic of the boys in the wagon.

Alisha Stewart said...

I'm so glad to hear that you gave up cokes, because that was my resolution this year too. We need to hold each other accountable on this one.

Jami West said...

Hey, I finally remembered to come look at your blog and get updated on you. It's great!

You go, girl! I'm proud of you for posting your resolutions and inspired by them as well!

Just a couple of quick notes about a couple of your resolutions -- I agree with the not sweating the small stuff. I have to work on that, too. These boys we both have are only little once and I'm really trying to enjoy playing with them and holding them and trying to forget about the mess that might be around the house sometimes. So, I understand that's hard, and I'll be working on that right along with you.

Second, good luck on the saying "no" thing. The one piece of advice that I have that I've recently come to realize is that you aren't going to be in this phase of life forever. That's why they are called phases -- right? I used to think I was going to wash bottles forever, and now I don't anymore. So, say "no" to some things now because one day when our kids are grown or old enough to do their own thing, then we'll be looking for something to do. :-)

Love ya!
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