Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Only Slightly Obsessive

For those of you who know us pretty well, you know about Benjamin's little obsession. The kid is infatuated with vacuum cleaners. I have no idea why. But, it is almost getting to the point of us questioning..."why on earth is he so crazy about vacuum cleaners?"
His fascination has now grown from admiration to wanting to use it all the time (should I really object to this? I mean free help is pretty hard to come by). Yesterday, I cleaned the filter and it then has to dry for twelve hours before it can be used again. Of course, during this time, the various parts and inner-workings of the vacuum were strewn about my kitchen. Benjamin would look at each part and let me know his version of what each part was for...
-"This one makes it go woooooooooooo" (referring to the on/off switch)
-"This is the tire for the vacuum. It's from Luigi's." (CARS reference, why not combine your loves?)
-"This is for the dirt, it goes in here."
-"This is the hair brush" (no, we don't use it for grooming, it is actually the brush attachment thing)
And on and on.
What used to be a "private family matter" has also been taken to a public level...
-At Christmas in Abilene, Benjamin constantly wanted to go into Sam & Arly's spare room not to see the cool computer, but rather to get a good looksie at Aunt Arly's vacuum. (Hello, she has the same one as mommy.)
-When we were at my mom and dad's one day before Christmas, Benjamin noticed they kept their Christmas wrapping paper in, of all things, their old vacuum cleaner box. He was more concerned as to where that vacuum had gone now that its box was occupied with something so mundane as gift wrap.
-Just the other night at church, he wanted to know all about the stick vacuum in the bathroom of his classroom. His teacher at first thought it scared him causing him to not want to use the facilities. I explained later that he was probably just too distracted with the very presence of a vacuum cleaner!
When the obsession first began, he loved to look at them...from a safe distance. However, as you can tell from the pics, he is a full fledge "user" now.
Is this a bit over the top or normal for a three-year-old? I am just starting to wonder that it may be getting slightly out of hand!
Either way, it is kind of fun.


J Stolle said...

Oh yeh baby, send Benjamin to my house, he would have a blast cleaning up this place. I have two dogs and the Wolf sheds tons, so needlesss to say, the vac stays out all the time.

Vacuuming over here would wear his little toot-toot out big time. His fascination would be over in a jiffy....and he would be on to bigger and better things to do.

Love ya cuz,

Arly said...

But vacuums are so RAD!!
Hey question, since we have the same vacuum... Mine has stopped picking up like it used to. Has yours done that? I'm wondering if it'll work properly again if I clean the fliter... Hmmm... :)

Happy Mama said...

Hey- if loving vacs is wrong, I don't wanna be right! He'll probably invent the vac that will be the end of the Dyson and we'll see him on TV and call his 800 number to make a purchase.... it could happen.

tommie said...

not sure if you want to feed his obession, but dyson makes a mini one...it even really has suction!

here is a link to one: http://www.leapsandbounds.com/product/lab/534309.html