Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just An Update of Sorts

Whew. What a wild week it has been. We are so blessed by all of you. Thank you for all the sweet comments, emails, calls and cards to check on us and especially my mom. And a big ol' hug to two very special friends who prepared meals for my dad's freezer. He is already eating on them tonight! When I called him the other night, he was indeed, eating chicken. I am glad we have stocked him up with some wonderful alternatives. And a few dozen chickens are thanking us, too.
We went and saw my mom at her new digs today, the St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital in downtown Austin. She was in great spirits. She had requested a few days to get settled in before having any visitors, so it was great to see her feeling so good again. She even stood up for us for a minute! Benjamin was very impressed with her wheels. I am hoping he doesn't ask Santa for a set of his own. His list is already getting a bit long!
The center is a shared room facility which she was not happy about at first, until she met her roomie-- a BINGO buddy from the place they play. What luck. This would only happen to her. She said that she keeps getting reports that the whole BINGO hall is all abuzz about her and Jean being roomies at St. David's.
This week the boys and I will probably head over to Marble Falls to help my dad get the house decorated for Christmas. He really wants it to be decked out when mom is finally able to come back home. I can type this on here since she can't check my blog these days.
I am still working on cards like crazy-- this week was a busy one, which totally puts a smile on my face! I couldn't believe the amount of orders that rolled in Wednesday through Friday alone! I feel so blessed by all of the support! Holy moly, my computer has been smokin' and will be taking a short break tonight. I really wish I had done this sooner, it is so much fun. Although, once again, I am a little behind on the rest of our life...the 365, cooking meals for my family and laundry have all taken a major hit lately. And I am pretty sure the earliest I have gotten to bed in the last 12 days was 12:30! But, I couldn't be more delighted that I am finally doing something I love so very much. It will all level out in time.
A few photos of the last week...

Jonathan was a huge help with setting up the tree...on top of the box. that I think about it, I was a pretty big help myself. Notice the shoes in the bottom left? Ah, yes, propped on the ottoman ready to lend a big hand. In my defense, I let the boys do all the mechanical stuff and I do the actual "trimming" of the tree. I am waiting to take any holiday decor shots until the big Boo Mama Open House on the 15th. I am excited to participate this year! Well, okay, I guess the shot below does contain a bit of our decor. But the real reason I am posting it is to show you the number one reason I will not be....

the 2008 Mother of the Year. Yes, here they are Wednesday morning helping themselves to cereal while I ran to the computer to check on orders. They managed to get the cereal out of the pantry (why I put it on their level I do not know), take it to the living room, turn on the television, and dump the cereal EVERYWHERE! As you can clearly see, Jonathan is wallowing around in it like a pig in the mud. I am sure you are all picking up your phones to dial CPS on me, but for the record, I usually fix breakfast before doing anything else! This is the first time this has happened. Usually we eat at the table. With bowls and spoons. This week has just been an exception with the amount of orders that came in. (Click on the photo to make it larger for a laugh).

Hope your holidays are as wild and crazy (and fun) as ours have started out!


Lori said...

I am still laughing! I'm sure if our cereal was on Jackson's level it would have happened at our house, too! So glad to hear your mom is doing well at her new digs, and to have a BINGO buddy! Wish her and your dad well from me.

Rebecca said...

Well at least they were eating toasted o's and not some cereal packed with sugar. You have taught them well! I would say that is responsible parenting :)

Syndi said...

Oh Kristi! I don't want to let you see what our days are like sometimes. Last week I was staying home because I was tired of having somewhere to be. Eli stayed in his pajamas all day-he's kind of attached to his pjs anyway, but even when I picked Ema up, I was lazy and didn't change him (who was going to see him anyway?!) I'm glad you're staying busy. Someday when we have a family picture available, I was going to order some cards! We'll see if I can get my act together!