Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year, New Look, New NAME!

Okay, so a new blog look for me isn't exactly a big deal...I change blog looks like I change hairstyles. But the name....let me tell you about it.
El Rancho for my dad. Happy 73rd Birthday, Dad...that's right; it's for you.
A little over five years ago, we built on a small section of fence to our house in Muleshoe. My dad came up to oversee this project. Or, basically, let us help him with it, since we didn't have much of a clue what we were doing. On the gate of this section of fence, my dad wanted to add this little hacienda-looking-overhead-thing-a-ma-jig. And he did. And we thought it was great. He also wanted to add the words El Rancho Dominguez to it. But, the conservative side of us just couldn't go there. And my mom was saying in the background..."Oh, Al."
So El Rancho Dominguez was put to rest.
Until now. I have longed for a catchy blog title for awhile. I tried 3 Men and a Lady, but always felt the need to add all four of our pics to the header. And creatively, I can't be contained like that. I am just not wired that way. Hehe.
I have always loved my friend, Becky's blog title...Casita de Alaniz. It is so fun. And so them. And I thought, wouldn't it be great if we had a name that would work out with a catchy title like that? Hmmm, that's funny. We do!
So, El Rancho Dominguez has been resurrected. It is about the only ethnic thing about us...sad huh? That, and David does actually speak fluent Spanish....he learned it in school! And even taught it at the high school level, too. I just added that part to brag on him.

So...Happy Birthday, Pops. This blog's for you.

..and the music's just for fun!


faithster said...

I love it, you're so creative! Happy New Year!


Lori said...

I LOVE the music! It takes me back to our days of watching Practical Magic :) I am still waiting for that trip to the beach...ha, ha!

Becky said...

I L-O-V-E your new blog skin Kristi! And I agree the name fits you 4 perfectly...thanks for the sweet compliment too! We enjoyed the fellowship last night, you, David and the boys make our lives brighter :) Looking forward to the NEW YEAR of adventures...

jacker said...

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