Monday, December 08, 2008

Movie Monday-- Holiday Edition!

"Here we only have one rule...never, ever let it cool!"

Mondays are full of all sorts of mayhem around here. We are in Waco most of the day at Camp Hope. We make our obligatory stop at Chick-fil-A, head home and hope that the little one stays awake until we get back home. Then I breathe a little sigh of relief as I lay him down and tip toe out of his room.
Since Benjamin no longer takes major naps of any sort, the rule is that he has "quiet time". He can either play quietly in his room (usually he reads) or his favorite treat-- watch a movie.
I felt like today he really needed some "Mom Time", one on one. So we snuggled up together to watch our favorite Christmas kid flick...The Polar Express. Benjamin always loves to mimic the hot chocolate dancers and runs around pretending to throw coffee cups into the air.
From our home to yours, a little hot chocolate for your viewing pleasure:

We are big holiday movie watchers around here. They all have special meanings to us and bring us great warmth and memories this time of the year. A few more of our faves and why they are so special:

It's a Wonderful Life
Love, love, love it. We watch it several times during the season. We saw it at Abilene's historic Paramount Theater shortly after we got married. It has been our favorite ever since.

White Christmas
"Sisters, Sisters"...we can't watch this without thinking of the Hootens. They gave us the copy we watch every year (usually on Christmas Eve). It just puts a huge smile on our face.

Family Man
We kick off the season with this one and watch it the weekend attached to Thanksgiving. It is hard to find, but if you've ever seen it you know it's great. It makes us so thankful for one another.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?


Rebecca said...

I love the "Sisters" song and The Family man. We usually watch The Polar Express on Christmas Eve and drink hot chocolate too. I would love to see Benjamin imitate the dancing guys, I'm sure he is very cute!

Courtney said...

Oh all of those movie are great fun! Kambree and I LOVE Polar Express. The Polar Express is here in Lubbock and we are going on it next week! We are quite excited!!

Melissa said...

My favorite is Miracle on 34th Street--both the old and new versions. And a close 2nd is White Christmas. Do you know Dee has never seen it?

When we were growing up, my sisters and I have done many "performances" of Sisters. And what a blessing it is that these so-called performances are NOT on video :-)

Anonymous said...

Movies are a huge part of the holiday season for us, too. I forgot about Family Man...will have to get that one. Our Christmas movies stay tucked away until we bring out our it is like they are new every year. We love White Christmas and Polar Express, too...we also like The Santa Claus 1 & 2, Miracle on 34th Street (the newer one) and I'll Be Home For Christmas!

Gina Oertle

Amy said...

Being a "Hooten," I am sure would guess that I love White Christmas. It would have to be tied with Miralce on 34th Street (both old and new.) I LOVE CHRISTMAS MOVIES!!

Shellie said...

White Christmas is probably my favorite. I've seen it at the Paramount and though it is corny sometimes it is also funny. The "Sisters" song cracks me up, but I also like the "Baby, it's cold outside" song and the one at the end with all those military guys singing-NICE!

kotitemp said...

thanks for the birthday message, it's good to hear from you! we love the polar express too!