Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our Christmas Fun...

...is not over yet! We are having Pawlik Christmas at my parents on January 4th. We thought we would drag out the holiday fun as long as possible.
I did want to post a few memories of the last week both here and in Pecos. And we did manage to squeeze a couple of hours in Austin, too, for lunch Christmas Day.
Be prepared for an insane amount of photos. I am wondering if you all must think we just sit around and take photos of ourselves. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

We had a nice, quiet Christmas Eve here at home. We had our traditional (okay, second annual) brisket, baked potatoes and roasted asparagus followed by Christmas cookies and chocolate milk while opening presents and watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
The boys were excited about the fun presents from Gary & Hollye and Great Grandma & Grandpa Dominguez. We also started a new tradition to give each one of them a nice book on Christmas Eve. This year Benjamin got How Do Dinosaurs Go to School (he already has a couple of these and loves them) and Jonathan got You are My Miracle.

Benjamin opening the Children's Animal Encyclopedia from Gary & Hollye.
Thank you both! He loves it and can't put it down!

Jonathan opening his Disney Bedtime Favorites book from Gary & Hollye-- a big hit!
They also got bicycle helmets from mom and dad. Safety is always a super fun gift, ya know?

After the boys were tucked in
(and blocked with the child gate to keeping the peeping Toms at bay),
"Santa" went straight to work

The goodies awaiting the early birds.

Benjamin's big entrance and first peek at what Jolly Old St. Nick left him.
He insisted on wearing the hat...as did his brother (below).

Jonathan's big debut.

The artist...hard at work.

Hooray for Christmas morning!
Notice how Jonathan polished off the half a cookie Santa left behind!
I hope Santa didn't have any germs.

Around lunch time, we headed to Austin to meet my brothers and their families for Christmas dinner. My oldest brother started a tradition several years ago of taking whoever is able to join him to lunch on Christmas day. It is great when we are able to join everyone. He usually scopes it out a month or so ahead of time to find out which hotel or restaurant is open and having a tasty Christmas dinner! It's great because we can all see each other and no one has to cook! Thanks for always doing this, Bud! We appreciate it.

Me, Amanda and Amber, (two of my neices).

My brother Dale and his family: (l-r), Isaac, Lisa, Amanda, Amber and Dale.

My brother Mike and his family: (l-r), Mike, Keaton, Cherie and Kayla

Austin and Andrea...two of my brother Bud's family. Bud's son, Aaron was unable to join us. He and his family live in Florida and they are expecting their second daughter. Rachelle is super preggers and can't travel at this point.

My oldest brother, Bud...the mastermind behind the Christmas Day dinners.

On the 26th, we travelled out to Pecos to Fa la la la la with the Dominguez crew. We had a couple of super fun-filled days. Our group is expanding with two new little guys this year. Sam and Arly added baby Nathan to the family and Daniel and Syndi added their fourth, Everet. It was super fun to have little babies around this year. Benjamin and Jonathan had a fun time with all of their cousins.
Here is the whole gang at David's parent's house:

(l-r ish): Sam, Arly (holding Nathan), David, me, Benjamin, Jonathan, Elena, Eli, Grandpa Fred, Syndi (holding Everet), Grandma Nyla, Daniel and Ema.

Every family has a clown.

Ema pulling Eli, Elena and Benjamin around Great Grandma & Grandpa Forrister's house (where a bunch of us bunked for the nights). That piano got worn out with little fingers all weekend.

Grandma Nyla has the most fun ornaments...
even the Oscar Meyer Weiner ornament plays a tune.
Can you guess what it plays?

Jonathan unwrapping a little fun!

Sam, Arly & Nathan.

Grandma and the babies.

I thought this was pretty precious.
Grandma & Grandpa gave the older kiddos Bibles for Christmas.
They were already deep into the Word!

Jonathan loved those babies!

What a non-napping day can lead to at 6 pm!

The breakfast makers-extrodinaire!
David's grandparents cooked a big breakfast both mornings we were there.
We felt very well taken care of! Aren't they the cutest?

Grandpa and David on Sunday morning.

All in all...a success. Fun times with family. More to come next weekend!


Becky said...

What an innovative idea your brother has begun...NO dishes...man, everyone I know would vote for that :)

That's so funny about Jonathan polishing off half the cookie Santa left behind b/c CADE did the exact same thing!!! BOYS...

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