Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye, Spring Break 2009!

The good news this very moment no one in my house has a fever or is throwing up. (Disclaimer: that's not to say in the next day or so that won't happen). It just looks like we are hopefully on the downhill slope.
The bad news is...we totally had to cancel our SB plans to make a trip out to Pecos to see Grandma & Grandpa D. and hang with the cousins.
After seeing the doc Monday afternoon, she advised us to stay in town in case Jonathan's fever spiked again. Of course, at the exact moment we bring him to the doctor, he has no fever. But they were so thorough with him that I felt good about it. His bloodwork indicated he was viral. And it looks as though this entire month long ordeal has just been a series of viruses back-to-back. We had a few rough nights (and crazy mornings) the beginning of the week, but J-man has finally re-emerged and had a great week ending!

Slippers with daddy's socks...quite the fashion statement.

We basically quarantined ourselves for a few days and hung around the house...bummed about our situation, but glad to have a week off of work, even if we had to stay put. We did manage to squeeze a few things into our week. We had planned originally to paint our bedroom when we returned from Pecos, but we scrapped that idea and tried to just put some finishing touches on our kitchen.
Since we are planning in the next 2-5 years to sell our house to move to the Belton area, we want to enjoy any fix-ups we make before we sell it. So, room by room, we are slowly banging it out. We would love to sell right now, but are terrified of the market. Our neighborhood has so many homes on the market that have been that way for over 200 days! Scary. Since we're not in a huge hurry, we are just hanging out.

Later this week, my dad came over to install my belated birthday gift-- recessed lighting in my kitchen! It may sound like an odd gift to you, but my mom always requests to know what we all want for our birthday. She does not like to shop without specifics. When I told her, "lights", she made a funny face. But, I knew my dad would be excited-- he's a project kind of guy.
Previously, I just had a hanging fixture over my island. Great for when I was working at the island. Very shadow-y when I was trying to work on any other countertop. So, can lights are in! Oh, and the kitchen is now yellow, too! I will do an actual post with "finished product" pics soon...I just refuse to take pics until I mop the floor. It's in no amount of Swiffer Wet Jet touch-ups will do the job any more. It is an all-out bucket, mop, Pine-Sol, lather, rinse, repeat sort of situation. It's embarrassing, people.
I also "decorated" for in went to Hobby Lobby and bought a new nest to set out. My spring decor is pretty minimal. As in almost nada. But, this little buffet set up does make me smile. I just wanted to share it with you, since so many of my fellow bloggers have put up gorgeous "Spring Fluff" posts. You guys are very inspiring! Makes me want to spend a weekend at Canton and do it up right!

HAHA! I left the tag on my new nest! I just now noticed that.

So, happy spring to all! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Uncle Sam! Welcome to the thirties, dude!


Amy said...

I am glad everyone is getting well. Thanks again!!

Amanda said...

I can't believe I didn't think to ask you about your trip this morning! Sorry! And now I find out you didn't even go! I was so glad to see all 4 of you at church, though. So happy you are all well!

I can't WAIT to see your "new" kitchen!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad you still had a productive Spring Break even though you didn't get to do what you had planned. I am SO happy everyone is feeling better. See you tomorrow.

Lori said...

Did somebody say, Canton??? Let me know when you want to go!!

Connor, Kaylee, Tripp, and Thatcher said...

Such handsome boys!