Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break Kick Off

I kicked off SB '09 Friday night doing one of my absolutely new favorite the preview sale of the Belton Mamacents Consignment Event. I was worried that it was going to be a little disappointing because it was much smaller than the Austin sale I usually attend. But it did not disappoint. Since shopping consignment for the boys the last few years, it is now just a "cycle". I basically just buy the coming season's wardrobe for Benjamin which gets handed down to Jonathan later. And I consign the stuff that Jonathan has outgrown. We do get a few new things here and there, because hey, everyone likes to have a few spiffy new items to sport. And because I think it is fun to have them match sometimes...while they are still young enough to not complain about it.
But the deals were aplenty in Benjamin's size! Lots of brand new (with tags) Gymboree, Janie & Jack, and Gap loot, along with much, much more. I actually detagged everything immediately and threw it in the wash over the weekend, so I only have a "sampling" of our deals.

Tickled to find mAtChInG Gymbo shirts for the boys today at the sale (yes, I went back for the 50% off day after church...never gotten to do that before when it was all the way in Austin)! I couldn't believe that they had both of their sizes in this Bugs! print!

One of my FAVORITE things was not a clothing item, but rather this canvas-wrapped print for Jonathan's big boy room (debuting summer 2009). I got it for just $10! So thrilled with this.

I think it will go perfectly with the "Hit the Road" bedding I already picked up for him at Tar-jay. Have I ever mentioned that's my favorite store? It is. But I am no longer allowed to do the grocery shopping leads to coming home with a lot more than just food. You can see a little bit of the bedding in the above photo, but here is the shot I yanked off the Target site:

In other news....
Baby got a make-over...not sure if I should take measures to resolve this. I always fear that every wash will be his last. I am terrified to open the washer and find him in a hundred pieces. He is definitely well-loved.

Our spring break plans are now on hold. I hate actually typing this out, but believe it or not, something is up with Jonathan AGAIN. I noticed toward the end of the worship service, he looked super tired and put his little head down on David's shoulder (SO unlike him-- he is the king of the pew on most Sundays). He just looked a little droopy. But, with no fever at the time, he readily went to his new, big boy Bible class and was Mr. Happy again when I picked him up. But when we got home from the sale and were getting lunch ready, his fever popped up over 100. After a Motrin-induced-high this afternoon, he started running a little fever tonight as well. I will be on the phone getting him an appointment first thing in the morning.
What is going on with our sweet boy? Could this be allergies? Do you run fever with allergies? We looked back on the calendar today and realized he has been under the weather (on and off) for an entire month. He has been to the doctor twice. And yet, it keeps happening. I am a nervous wreck about him and just want this to all be over, for his sake. I just hope this isn't something major, just maybe a series of bugs. Please pray for our sweet Jon-Jon and that his little body will work all of this mess out. I always feel weird when we "re-emerge" after a bout of this and everyone asks if we're all well. I am so hesitant to say a word because obviously, this keeps happening over and over. And over. I'll go ahead and do a mass apology now to the moms of the kiddos in his Bible class as well as Miss Kylie who shared a bag of cereal with the boy this morning before we realized anything was up. I hope all of those sweet babies don't get a smidgen of this.


Anonymous said...

You did good on your annual spring shop. Also check with Arly where baby came from and get one before you get a shock the next time he gets a bath.
Let us know how Jon-Jon gets.
Love ya, Mom

Becky said...

We are sad to her about Jonathan again, bless his little heart, we will keep him in our prayers. I hope the doctor will find out what's going on this time so he can be well :)

You made some serious scores at the sale, I couldn't get my act together in time for it, but hope to be ready for JBF in Waco!

The bugs shirts are perfect for spring...way to go girl!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad that you found some great stuff. Don't worry about Kylee, she is tough. I just hope that Jonathan gets to feeling better. It is so hard to have a child who doesn't feel well and not know how to help.

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness - poor Jonathan! I will say a prayer for him. I do hope it's just a few back to back viruses. Poor sweet boy.

Glad you got lots of good stuff for the boys at the sale. I LOVE that print - so cute!

GPaty said...

I'm sorry...but I just want to SQUEEZE those babies! They are too precious. Hope little one feels better soon. Remember, you are his loudest voice, so instead of worrying about something being wrong, just ask lots of questions and pursue all avenues until it is solved. Love and hugs to you!