Monday, March 30, 2009

And the Countdown Begins...

17 more preschool days to go! And not a moment too soon. I am ready to really focus on blog design, invitations and my new summer goodies I'll be debuting soon. And things are getting wild with my (lack of) time management skills between lesson plans, preschool days and business I AM READY!!
The boys are getting ready for summer, too. Both kiddos are enrolled in a fun one-day a week program in Belton called "Children's Day Out". A bunch of their comrades from our church also attend this program and have said their summer stuff is super fun! Benjamin is signed up for a boys' gymnastics class at Texas Tumblers here in town. He can't wait! I asked him if he wanted to do tee-ball or gymnastics and he said "I just need to tumble, Mom." Point taken.
Swimming lessons sign ups will be April 25th. This year we plan to get there at the crack of dawn. Last year, we noted that sign-ups started at 10. When we pulled into the parking lot at 9:45 and saw the line wrapped around the recreation center, we realized this was apparently a pretty big deal. We were soooo thankful to our wonderful friend Jennifer who gave swimming lessons to Benjamin and his church buddies (especially since we were the dopes who were too late to get a spot on the list in town).
As our friends up in Muleshoe emerge from their Arctic Tundra of a weekend, we have already been feeling a whole lot of spring down here. Crazy what a climate difference a few miles (okay several hundred) can make. The grass is starting to green up and tonight we even dined al fresco! Happy 17 Days of Preschool Left!


Loralee said...

Okay, this is Loralee from No Fuss Fabulous and I just found your blog through our links! I hope you don't mind if I start blog stalking you. I love your site!!! The design is fabulous. Your boys are the cutest. ("Mom, I just need to tumble" made me giggle out loud!!!) We should definitely become blog friends! I love The Shabby Princess as well.

Rebecca said...

Amen sista! I am right there with you. Only 17 days left, yea :)

The Young Life said...

oh yeah, that nice seasonal weather killed everything growing in my garden! I had even put a blanket over it, but that didnt seem to make a difference!