Sunday, March 08, 2009

Ugh. Could we be any more pathetic?

One of the biggest reasons I haven't posted for awhile is because I have had nothing to report. We (as in the 4 foot & under members of our household) are sick...AGAIN. I guess I feel weird posting about it because lately I feel like every post begins with a nice sickie story. Just the season of life we are in, I suppose. I honestly don't remember being sick this much as a child.
I think the whole preschool thing this year has really put our immune systems up to some major challenges. Jonathan has had fever since Wednesday, when we took him to the Minute Clinic and they said it looked to be viral. The fact that he woke up this morning burning up at over 102 tells me we will probably be visiting our own doctor early this week. Benjamin started running fever yesterday afternoon, but insists he feels "wonderful". 
I have had to cancel on three separate friends this week for fun evenings together. To borrow a quote from my sweet friend, Becky, we are now so far out of the loop, we can't even see the loop anymore. We have worn out our DVR watching every recorded episode of The Little Einsteins, Max & Ruby and Caillou. To make it even more exciting, my car is also in the shop (and probably will be the majority of this week, too). People have done so many favors for us the past few days that I am about to start a list of thank you gifts that I need to purchase once this is all said and done. They were BIG favors. Probably requiring something homemade. If you wouldn't mind remembering us in your prayers...we have had the sickies for so long and would like to re-enter the land of the living at some point in time. Just pray for our boys that they kick this viral-thingy sooner than later.
In other non-germ related news...I found a TREASURE at this past week's book fair at preschool. 
When I was four, a dear friend of our family gave me a very special book that I read very often. If Jesus Came to My House became an instant favorite. I have held onto this book all these years and have continued to read it to my children. I even took it to preschool a few months ago to read in chapel when I was in charge one Thursday. It is pretty well-worn and the book jacket is about to fall apart. I was beginning to think it needed to be retired to a higher shelf to preserve it for sentimental reasons. Low and behold...they have reprinted it with new illustrations! I saw it at the book fair and scooped it up immediately! What a find. I love the new illustrations, too. And now the same sweet words in this story will be read many, many more times to my sweet boys. And one of them will be able to take it with them one day, too. Maybe to read to my grandchildren!

As you may remember, Benjamin loves The Berenstain Bears to pieces. I also found a collection of Christian Berenstain Bears stories at the bookfair! I didn't even know these existed. We have broken them in very well the last few days. I am so proud that Benjamin now wants to say his prayers on his knees all the time just like Brother and Sister Bear do in the stories. 

I know I have promised several of you to post some WW recipes...they're coming! I have already started the post, I just have to stop and administer meds and hugs pretty often these days. I am hoping to post it in the next 24 hours. Unless we spontaneously combust over here. Which nothing is out of question for us these days.


Rebecca said...

I'm so sorry that you all are sick!! It is no fun. I went to a clinic today and they said I probably have strep. I started an antibiotic and will get the results tomorrow. I have to Kylee to the doc tomorrow, I guess I will wear a mask :) I hope it gets better around your house!!

Melissa said...

Oh, Kristi. That's not fun. I hope you can manage to stay well. We will keep y'all in our prayers!

Jami said...

I guess I can say I know how you feel. We are finally over our 3-4 week period of being sick (I think) and we don't even go to preschool.

Isn't it miserable when your kids are sick? I just hate it. This time around all we could do was watch TV because I was sick too, and had no voice to even read them books.

I'm so sorry and hope that everyone in your house is LOTS better soon!

BTW -- I've never heard of that book you talked about but am very interested in it now.

Love ya!

Becky said...

First I am sending prayers your way. For you and the boys to be well physically, mentally and spiritually! Some days, it seems like the isolation of illness is worse than the illness itself, if that makes ANY sense to you at all.

Second, don't you worry about having to soon as the magic 4 letter word is spoken (WELL) you'll have an instant invite to Casita de Alaniz for some serious coffee, chat, catch up time for the mommies and play time for the kiddos!

Third, I am ordering that book today from Amazon. I LOVE Christian literature for children. It plants the seed in a simple, fun format...Jesus will give the grow :)

Fourth, I am sending you a big HUG via this post! I miss ya, I'm thinking about ya, and I'm praying for FEVER FREE weeks to come! If you need anything, call me. I wouldn't offer if I didn't mean it ;)

Love ya!

Lauren said...

I hope you all start to feeling better! Madison is super sick too! We have been in isolationville too much lately :) Your family is in our prayers.

Amanda said...

Oh girl! Becky is right! The isolation is almost worse than the illness! I hope everyone is better VERY soon so you can rejoin us in the land of the living. Of course, we'll probably be sick then! Seriously, though, I've missed you LOTS!

Kellye from Snyder said...

I read to elementary students yesterday and stopped by the book fair just so I could see if I could find "If Jesus Came to My House" since I had read your blog Sunday night. I found it; I bought it! Thanks! Now, I just need to have a grandkid to read it to. Maybe Leslye and Joey will take the hint. If not, I can read it to Jaden and Jaxon and Heather and Amy's kids!