Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Way to Make Preschool Exciting

As if teaching preschool isn't already a whirlwind...add picture day and fire alarm/evacuation to the mix and it takes it to a whole new level.
After our class's pics, we headed to the library for music class. I joined my bunch towards the end of their time with our music teacher, Mrs. Rebecca. As soon as I sat down, we were startled by, of all things, the fire alarm. 
Our building is pretty large, it is after all, our church, too. Rebecca and I corralled my 10 kiddos and headed down the hall and quickly got the word to head straight outside. I did panic a bit, but tried not to let it show. We were met in the hall by several other classes. And then all of the tops of their little heads began to look alike. I did a head count about 20 times before making it all the way to the parking lot. 
And as we stood outside in our 'spring pictures' outfits in chilling temperatures, we quickly turned into popsicles and had to pile into other teachers' cars in the parking lot. My kids piled into Mollie's suburban and warmed up pretty fast. It was at least 20 minutes that we hung out!
We heard the sirens. Two firetrucks, an ambulance and another vehicle or two rushed over and checked it all out. During the entire time, I could see Benjamin and his class, so I knew he was fine. I wondered where Jonathan's class was...but I knew his sweet teacher would have him well taken care of. The whole ordeal was still very nerve-wracking.
After we got back into class and back to normal, Mrs. Kristi (there are THREE Mrs. Kristis at our preschool...weird, huh?), Jonathan's teacher, came down on her break for a visit. She told me that the alarm outside her class was the one that set it off. Then she informed me that their class was out in the hall at the time. Hmmmmm.
Tonight I chatted with her again and we have deduced that it was either that Dominguez kid or his BFF or the two of them working together.
Scary to think my two year old may have been at the heart of evacuating the entire preschool, church office staff, the private school also housed in our building as well as all the other people there today! 
My sincerest apologies to the Belton Fire Department.


Arly said...

Ha! Sorry, it's not funny but it really is!! I think you hguys are in trouble with that ornery little dude. :)

Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like Jonathan might have had a hand in it.

Becky said...

Maybe Jonathan just thought everyone needed an evacuation PRACTICE can never be too prepared you know!

Love that kid-o!!!

Rebecca said...

I was wondering what was up. But I have to agree with Becky, it never hurts to practice :)

GPaty said...

That baby is PRECIOUS! It never hurt anybody to be a little curious...right? :)

Amanda said...

Oh my! That's too funny! I love that he has a mischievous streak! And I agree with the others - it doesn't hurt to practice and be prepared for a fire!

Mike said...

I hate to applaud him for it, but I couldn't stop laughing ! Kristi, he does have "Pawlik boy" in his system , and looks like he is learning at a young age "How to ditch school" Just kidding guys,he is an explorer.

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog design. The pics are great and the red stands out.
Love, Mom

Amanda said...

LOVE the new design girl! Great job! Love the pics, too - they are precious.

I'm making my grocery list for the week and I'm going to try some of your recipes. Yum-O!