Monday, February 04, 2008

Development Everywhere!

I noticed Tommie had a similar pic on her blog, so today as I was driving by the new Starbucks, I stopped for a shot (a photo, the place is still not open, no espresso shots yet!). When we moved here during the summertime, we didn't realize all of the development that was about to begin, literally all around us. This sign is about to go up on the finally almost finished Starbucks (they have been building it FOREVER!). In the background, you can see a huge construction project which is set to open in July. It will include a big ol' Target (I'm not excited about that or anything), a Barnes & Noble, a movie theater, Bed, Bath & Beyond, a Chick-fil-A, Dick's Sporting Goods and more. Way cool, huh? And only five minutes from my driveway.
I sometimes try to convince David that we need to think about moving down the road to Belton to be closer to church and all of our friends there. Today, I realized that I need to enjoy this while I can! A bunch of my girl friends from church came over to "my neck of the woods" today. We met at the gymnastics place for "Open Gym" for the kids. Everyone was excited to go to lunch over here at our Taco Bueno! I realized that this place has a lot to offer. Even though I wouldn't mind moving twenty minutes east, I realize now that this is great while I am here. David's theory is that once the new Target opens, nothing will budge me from here. Maybe he's right!
On a side note, when we came home from our morning of fun, we found Daddy here. Sick. With that darn tummy bug. Please pray that this nasty stuff leaves our house once and for all. We need to get out there and enjoy all this place has to offer!


faithster said...

Your attitude is so uplifting Kristi... seeing the best in everything! It looks like the weather there is exactly like it is here - W.I.N.D.Y.!!

I read your blog often and thought I'd better post a comment every now and then. ;o) It's great to see what's up in your life. Hope David feels better soon!

Happy Mama said...

After living in Muleshoe with ALCO and United- I, like you, can handle any location with a Target. I was so excited when we moved here I think I went to Target everyday just because I could! Sounds like a fun area though- lots to do!
Tell Dave to get to feeling better!
I love your new Valentine blog face- Too cute!

Arly said...

I know how excited you are. Deep down inside you're busting at the seams to try out this starbucks. :) I know you sister...I know you. :)