Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Saga Continues...

You just thought you heard the last of the John Derbyshire incident. David was super excited to tell me that he received an email reply from who else but the one and only John Derbyshire. I was even impressed by this. While this guy's views are sometimes very extreme, David really gets a kick out of his work. This is not the first time David has emailed him. He has commented on his writings and what not. But, it's the first time he got a reply! Very exciting. He emailed him a short blurb about Benjamin "writing books like John Double-Year." This is the reply:

Thank you, David. I could not be more flattered.

I do hope you've explained to him, though, that THERE'S NO MONEY IN IT.


John Derbyshire

(BTW, the 'subject' simply stated...from Derb !!!)


Arly said...

That's so rad.

Shellie said...

How funny. Maybe he will mention him in a book one day.

Faith said...

That's fantastic, what a kick! He obviously has a great sense of humor too, lol.

Happy Mama said...

What a great story! I love that you already have a budding little Republican like his Daddy. Something good for the baby book- already getting attention from famous people at such a young age!