Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Missin' the Wild, Wild West

I don't know what it is about Craig Morgan's new song International Harvester, but it makes me miss Muleshoe so much. Not many p-p-p-p-plowers driving down 190 here. I miss dear friends and small town life. I miss getting pulled over on Highway 84 and ten minutes later having the cell phone ring and someone saying "I saw you get pulled over....hehehe."
I hate that I haven't met one of my best friends' babies yet. I miss taking Benjamin up to the school to see Hollye and the fish. I miss supper at Hollye and Gary's house (Hollye, I now make blueberry muffins regularly because of YOU!). I miss the "moms with new babies" parking at the United. I miss Benjamin running thirty miles an hour down "the ramp" in the church building on the way to the Wednesday night meal. I miss living thirty seconds from church. I miss going to see "the water" after worship service (some of you know exactly what I am talking about). I miss Lenda's & Charlotte's Mexicorn dip and how hot they could get it! I miss doing Meals on Wheels with Deborah in every kind of weather imaginable. I miss Dianne leaving make-up in my mail box. I miss Koti's dogs chasing my car all the way out her driveway. I miss fixing supper with Trae, Jean, Misty, Dana and Lynn (and trying to watch two toddlers at the same time!). I miss all of the girls in sorority (hi, Faith, Annie & Kyra and all of you sassy girls). I miss when Melanie used to live there, too, and how we would head over to Clovis for dinner with our favorite Chinese friends.
I can still close my eyes and imagine every nook and cranny of our old house. I miss how the floor in the nursery creaked every time I went to check on a sleeping baby. I miss watching the football games, both from the stands and from my dining room window. I miss the yellow bathroom. I miss the planter box out front. I miss the mailman scaring me when I was at the kitchen sink-- he got me everytime with the loud bang of the metal lid closing.
If you have a chance to listen to the song, please do. Although it may initially come off as a bit hokey, I don't think it is at all. I love every word of it and think of Gary Hooten with a bit of a chuckle when I hear it.
Don't get me wrong, I love it here, too. And I am so blessed with wonderful new friends at church. It's just hard to leave behind a place so very dear.
See you Mules in five weeks!


Happy Mama said...

There is something about a small town... I love this post! I laughed out loud remembering our sleepy chinese friends. I will never forget walking in there with them all asleep at the booths. Also when she made David pay because he looked rich. :) I am just cracking up! I also miss Bunko nights- especially you miss Martha Stewart (pre- jail) . Love ya girl! MULE PRIDE!

Anonymous said...

We miss all your friends from the church and the community. I miss going to United and having your friends tell me hi even though I wasn't always sure who they were.
We love having you guys just an hour away and seeing our grandsons at least once a week. Thanks guys.
Love, Mom and Dad

p.s We're not sure if we really miss the eight hour drive.

David said...

Only one word, in memory of the Clovis China Star, before it burned:


Jennifer said...

Change is hard.... We're thankful that you guys are here though!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl...sending hugs your way. Muleshoe misses you guys too, I think of yall when I get Tyler out of the tub and dry him with his personalized towel!! :) You missed a fabulous sorority meeting this week, I fixed Gumbo and a King Cake and had the house all decorated for Mardi was really fun!! I guess we will see you in a few weeks...cant wait!

Hollye said...

At the risk of really being cheesy and mushy, I am going to keep it simple. WE MISS YOU TOO!

Kyra Newberry said...

I have to agree with Annie, we had a GREAT sorority meeting at her house. Felt like old times. We miss you too!!!! I sure enjoy reading your blog, one day I will have one! Please let us know when you are in town. Would love to see you all!!!