Sunday, February 10, 2008

A little church news....
I wanted to ask each of you to say a little prayer for David and I as we are about to embark on something new at our church. We are in training to become small group leaders on Sunday nights. Our church is launching a huge new small group program and we are all so excited about it. We will be leading a group in the Harker Heights/Killeen area and have partnered with some new friends in Harker Heights, Jeff and Therese Marks. They are the sweetest couple and we are really excited to get to know their family better in the weeks and years to come through this new dynamic program. The training will last the next eight weeks and then we launch off into our own groups every Sunday night. Our church is fairly large (someone said this morning's attendance was over 700), and this will be an oppurtunity to meet with just a few families on a regular basis and form some awesome groups. Exciting stuff!
Today was just a great church day in general, not only did we start our life group training, we also heard about the two finalists our church is considering hiring for a full-time preacher. We have been without a preacher since well before we placed membership. After a lot of long hours of research, prayer and leg work, the hard-working search committee put forth these two men. We are all in prayer that God leads us to the right man for this position.
David also taught our young marrieds' Bible class this morning and I thought he did great! Although Jonathan was a bit of a tooty-toot-toot in the worship service this morning, we had a great day with our church family.


Hollye said...

When I think of all of the talents that ya'll have there is no doubt in my mind that ya'll will be awesome leaders. Your love of God, your spirituality, your maturity, your hospitality, plus you are just plain FUN to be around--just to name a few of your attributes that will be a big plus for those in your group. I knew it would not take the church in Belton very long to recognize just what they got when they GOT the Dominguez family.

Happy Mama said...

We'll keep you guys in our prayers! You have such a natural way of making people feel at home and welcome and you are the hostess with the mostess! Your church is so lucky to have your sweet family working there for them. I know God will bless your ministry there and always!