Sunday, February 24, 2008

Party People

Saturday was Jonathan's first birthday party. We had a great time with family and friends and the little guy was in the best mood all day, even with the fact that he had only had a ten minute nap prior to party time!
Here are a few party highlights. I mainly include these as a "digital scrapbook" for myself that I can look back on for years to come!
I did a "Rubber Ducky" theme. His invitation included the following picture with the words..."Our little ducky is turning one...Come & join us for some good, clean fun!"

We ended up having his party at the church building...which I loved doing! Plenty of space and easy to clean up. Here are the two cakes, one just for JonJon to squish...which he had no problem with! (The ducks in the larger cake are "floating" in a bathtub of blue Jell-O! The faucet knobs were made from both small and large marshmallows. The cake did crack en route to the church building, but it wasn't too big of a deal.)

We put together a fun "duck punch" which consisted of blue Kool-Aid, Sprite and lime sherbet along with our floating "party duckies" on top. We also enjoyed sandwiches, chips and "quackers".

The birthday boy with his Aunt Cherie, who along with my brother, got the kiddo more duckie loot than I knew existed!

Benjamin and Bethany enjoying their lunch. Scratch that. Enjoying seeing whose cup could make the most noise when banged on the table! These two are pretty cute together. Benjamin, to everyone's chagrin, certainly planted a big smooch on her before she left the party!

Jonathan is getting the 411 on how to open the birthday presents from his big brother.

Jonathan and pal, Landon, intently studying a new toy.

Jonathan and his friend Abriella "discussing" one of the new duckies.

A first birthday party proves to be a rip-roaring good time for teenagers! Actually, these are our cousins Keaton and Kayla (and my mom) who really were a lot of fun at the party! And a HUGE help with the clean up!

One final pic of the birthday boy...

We love you, "JonJon". We hope you enjoyed your special day.


David said...

Let me be the first to say, "Great party!" Kristi, thank you for making Jonathan's 1st birthday so special! LLLY

Arly said...

I'm so sorry we missed it Kristi. Looks like a blast!! GREAT Job on the cake!! Did you have any troubles with it?

Kristi said...

Well, yes and no, Arly. The Jell-O part was not an issue. That was the easy part. The icing ended up giving me fits. I made two batches of buttercream which should have yielded 6 cups, but as you can see fromthe photos, I still felt like it looked a bit thin, especially on the edges. I should have tinted it blue, also...although that was pretty messy for the little guy! Thanks for the tips on the Jell-O though-- the wax paper worked like a charm.
I hope Sam is feeling better. This has been the worst year for illness it seems!

Arly said...

Now let me much dying did the blue dye do? :) Whew, that's a tongue twister.

Also, that picture where you're bringing him the cake is just too funny.

Kristi said...

Well, we haven't seen the "after-effects" of the blue icing....yet! That will be one for Daddy.

Shellie said...

It looks like both Jonathan and Benjamin enjoyed it. You'll have to let us know how the budding romance goes!

Lauren Vaught said...

What a cute and fun birthday party!!! The cakes are amazing!! You are so talented!!!

Jennifer said...

I may have to steal that pic with Abriella in it! So cute!! Thanks for inviting us!

Also, thanks for taking on playgroup! I miss that outing.

Alisha Stewart said...

Great Party! You are a wonderful hostess.
Landon keeps talking about how much he "needs" a play garage like the one Jonathon received. We'll have to come over and play with it sometime!

Happy Mama said...

You are SO TALENTED! What a great party- I wanna come! Those cakes were just adorable and the jello? Cutest thing I have ever seen. Seriously, you need to get paid to do this stuff- you would make a killing! You are my kitchen guru. Remember when I didn't have a pie server and you thought I was like the crazy kitchen lady with no clue? Well, everytime I use my pampered chef server, I think of how I want to be like you when I grow up! :)