Friday, May 16, 2008

An Exceptionally Clean Bathroom, or at least it is now...

I actualy have a story to "get down" before I forget it. Seeing as how I use this blog as my scrapbook of sorts, you all are very sweet to read my silly play-by-plays of motherhood.
Yesterday morning ended up getting a little wild. Miss Kylee was with us and the boys were in rare form. As in, complete goofballs.
This may be a little TMI for some, but here goes...
Benjamin said he needed to sit on the potty for a while...blah, blah, blah. Sometimes I think he uses the bathroom as an escape when things are a little wild around here. He would sit in there and read for an hour if I let him. Usually he reads his favorite book...the Bible Bedtime Stories from Uncle Dan & Aunt Syndi (we should retitle it, the Bible Bathroom Reader).
I kept asking if he was done and I got very stern "no's" on each visit. I was in the process of getting Kylee down for her nap and Jonathan up from his and dressed, etc. that Benjamin may have had too much time for himself in the bathroom while I was running around the house.
"I'm all done," came echoing from the bathroom.
I went in to find him standing in the middle of the bathroom, all ready to go. This is unusual because he has a hard time getting off of his little potty seat on top of the big potty (I know TMI; I don't think I have ever typed the word potty so much).
As I surveyed the bathroom, it looked like it had been wiped down with a really soapy sponge...everywhere. Even the rug looked soppy and soapy.
"I cleaned the bathroom." He said this very proudly so I didn't want to shatter the moment. This was a little difficult for such a weirdo control-freak like myself. When I do clean the baths (not as often as I should, I will admit), I am a little OCD about it. David once told me that when I clean a bathroom it looks as though it was just installed by the home builder. I think he thought he was teasing me, but that was a huge compliment. I'd take that over "You look nice" any day of the week!
"WOW! You sure did clean the bathoom. What did you use to clean it?" I asked.
"Your brush." As he said this, I figured he meant the brush I scrub the tub with, but I couldn't figure out how he got it out of the cabinet because of the child-proof locks.
Then I saw it. The toilet brush was laying on the floor next to its holder in a puddle of....toilet water. Afer a few more questions, I put the whole thing together.
He would dip the brush into the toilet and then "clean". Over and over. With a potty that he hadn't flushed. I was absolutely horrified at what the bathroom was literally soaked in.
The bathroom was out of commission until after Kylee went home and it could be "reinstalled". I put a child knob on the door and pretended like it never happened until the end of the day.
We had a discussion about which brush gets used where. But I did tell him that I am always thankful for his helpful attitude and appreciation for cleanliness.
Just another chapter in motherhood.


Jennifer said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I told this to Stephen, play by play...and he kept saying, "OOOHHHHH" with every added detail. I do NOT look forward to things like that in our house. I'll have to think twice about using your bathroom if I'm ever over there! LOL! What a sweet helper he was though! Good story to share with him when he's older!

Shellie said...

Oh...that's funny!! At least you found out before it was used by everyone!

Kyra Newberry said...

Oh Kristi, Todd and I got a REALLY good laugh with that one. Oh...the joys of motherhood!!

J Stolle said...

Now I definitely know that Benjamin is related to us for sure. My nephew the one I told you about, he is a bathroom hog (in a nice way). He will spend hours in there reading and forgets what day it is until someone comes and bangs on the door.

Your story will surely bring a hoot to our family today when we go to Dustin's graduation in a bit. I will tell him he has a mini-me.

Happy Mama said...

Oh GROSS! That is too funny though! At least you figured it out quickly- and this is another one of those Monica Gellar things- I bet you were secretly excited because you have some new bathroom brush or bathroom cleaner for just this kind of incident! :) Your bathroom is probably cleaner than most people's kitchens! HAHA!

MelissaT said...

Oh, my word! That story is so funny I almost, well, you know...I won't mention pee since it seems you've had your fill of it recently! I really needed that laugh. I'm home alone dealing with a sick boy, and I'm exhausted from being in the car 8 hrs today. I am telling you I really, really, really needed that laugh!

The Young Life said...

that totaly sound like something that would happen in our house!!!! How funny

Rebecca said...

LOL! Don't you love kids!!! Thanks for sharing :)