Thursday, May 15, 2008

Just Catching Up

I have a few minutes while everyone is napping so I thought I would try to catch up on the blog!
I want to start by mentioning that I had a great Mother's Day thanks to David and the boys. We went to early service (I know, even I made it out of bed before six on Mother's Day, very unlikely as most of you know how I love my sleep!). Jonathan made his first trip to the nursery (without us being the attendants). He was Mister Talkative and was getting a bit difficult to wrestle with. After class, we went to my favorite restaurant...Luby's! Again, I know some of you are rolling your eyes, but I just love the place. Lori and I indeed had a meal plan there in college. David thought I was joking when I first told him that. It's true, and many of you can vouch for it because I sometimes took you there (kicking & screaming?). Jonathan was a one-man comedy routine at Luby's, but all of the older people sure got a kick out of him. He learned all about the wonders of blue Jell-O and that it can bounce on a table-topper. Benjamin loves to go through the line there and "pick out" his lunch. The boys stocked me up on Bath & Body Works loot and David got me my favorite Yankee candle (Iced Herbal Tea, so yummy).
Monday was Benjamin's other evaluation at Timber Ridge Elementary. He did great again. It was a shortened version of our trip to Camp Hope. We don't really have anything to report about it. The committee there has to meet and then they call us and let us know if Benjamin needs their services or something along those lines.
The storms around here have been pretty crazy lately. Wednesday morning we thought "the big one" was coming with the rain actually going about eight feet up into our front porch to pound on the storm door. Last night we ended up scooting out of church pretty quickly to try to beat another storm to Killeen and get both cars in the garage. Usually David's car sleeps on the driveway, but we are about to sell it and I would sure hate to have to fix hail damage in the process of all of that. When we were turning onto hwy. 121 at 8:06 to head home, the radio said that the storm would hit Killeen at 8:36. We had exactly thirty minutes to get home, unload the kiddos, move the lawn mower and a few outdoor toys and squeeze David's car in (our garage is ridiculously small). We did it all and then just had rain and lightening! Not that I am mad or feel jipped by any means. It was just Murphy's Law.
Today it is sunny and nice and we were finally able to step outside again with only getting moderately muddy!


Happy Mama said...

Wow- it sounds like you guys are having a ton of crazy weather! We actually got some rain and even thunder today- it was so cozy! I love the picture of you and the boys- so sweet! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day and I am so glad you are getting more and more good news on Benjamin. Still praying!

Natalie Gary said...

I was defintely "treated" a time or two on your Old Luby's meal plan. I also love that place! I will vouch!