Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Exceptionally Clean Kitchen Floor, or at least now it is...

I know...two posts in one day! Craziness.
Perhaps this should be titled...More of Benjamin's Adventures; I got a few emails and comments about the bathroom adventure that I thought the title would let everyone know that he's up to that funny business again! And for the record, my kitchen floor is not something I am a big stickler about, it is a little on the neglected side (that is for all of you sillies who teased me about my bathroom...c'mon now, bathrooms harbor the most yucky germs!)
I am starting to struggle with Benjamin and his naps. If he takes any nap at all, he will literally lay in bed for hours unable to fall asleep at night (even after a hard day's play). If he doesn't take a nap, he is either a)a total grump by the time his supper hits the table or b)if we should venture out that evening he will no doubt fall asleep in the car and then not in his bed, etc. etc.
But, he still needs a little something in the afternoon, at least quiet time. Funny, I had just gotten off the phone with Deborah about this nap situation when this little incident took place.
Benjamin was having his "afternoon quiet time". Today he read books and eventually asked to watch a show in the living room. While he was in the living room, I was working on a friends' blog on the computer (this is a whole other post entirely about my possible new business adventure, but that's for another day).
Benjamin comes trotting into the room singing...
"I did it. I did it."
Mommy: "What did you do?"
Benjamin: "I did it."
Mommy: "What is IT?"
Benjamin: "On the floor."
Immediately I think, he either had an accident or threw up (the tummy bug has resurfaced in our home this week so that wouldn't have surprised me).
Benjamin: "Come and look."
Mommy: "Where are we going?"
Benjamin: "Follow me."

I go into the kitchen to be greeted with this:

Oh, Landy (to borrow one of Arly's expressions). I was a little frustrated because on the one hand the kid was so proud of himself for this...self expression? On the other hand...Oh, Landy.
Mommy: "So what did you use to do this?" (My mind is quickly envisioning my new Sharpie marker that came free with the pack of Solo cups that he was so fascinated with on Sunday when I opened it.)
Benjamin: "This." He points to one of my dry-erase markers that attaches to the fridge magnetically. A sigh of relief.
After a long chat about where we use markers and where we don't, the end result was this:

He did a great job, too. I have a hard time keeping this floor clean, but I may be enlisting his help from here on out.


Amanda said...

It's so funny how he's always so proud of what he's done! I think his artwork is beautiful, by the way. Even better that HE cleaned it up!

Amanda said...

Oh, I also meant to say I'm SO glad for you that it wasn't throw-up!!!

GPaty said...

That's hilarious....Gregory pulled that with a crayon the other day. We experienced the same fun when he spent 20 minutes cleaning the kitchen floor with a baby wipe (the thing that I knew would remove crayon from my kitchen tile)...aren't little boys fun? :)