Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a fun weekend...

We had such a great weekend. Friday night, the boys and I headed over to our friends Becky's & Steve's for supper. David had the end of the year, "Eighth Grade Dance" that night. Cade and Benjamin are buddies and had a really fun evening together, keeping all of us entertained as well.
Cade has a Powerwheels called "The Grave Digger" that the two of them spent a great chunk of the evening driving back and forth across the backyard in. They drove it until they wore the battery down!
We just had a blast eating a delicious supper on their patio and watching all of the kiddos have a fun time. They are a super sweet family.
Benjamin and Cade cruising!

I'm not exactly sure what is going on in this photo. If I remember correctly, I think Benjamin may have backed them into the fence and Cade was trying to navigate their way out of it.

Saturday was a big day for us! We got a new truck-- well, new to us! My dad actually got a new truck. My parents are really sweet, generous people, and gave us their old truck! Well, okay so Benjamin did pay them a dollar for it (they drive a hard bargain, I know). We're excited to have a truck again! We did bid our "Exploder" Happy Trails that same afternoon when we took it to Austin and sold it. We have had that car since shortly after we got married so we were a little sad to see it go. But, at 10 years old and 138,000 miles, it was probably time. Although at some point, we thought...should we go for the 200,000 mile mark? Nah.
Grandpa's new wheels.

Our old "Exploder" sitting next to David's new ride.

Today was just a typical Sunday. Although, I finally remembered to take our camera to LIFEGroup tonight. The Rogers family made homemade ice cream for a treat with all of the toppings. The boys loved it! We really are enjoying our LIFEGroup. We have an awesome bunch!

The kiddos of our LIFEGroup ooohing and ahhhing over the ice cream set up. Great job, Jo & Chris! You guys know how to make a mean bucket of ice cream.

This is our friend Beth and Jonathan. These two are buddies and always seem to hang out at LIFEGroup. Beth reminds me so much of our Aunt Arly. Super sweet girl. And I love that she is just like me: we have never seen any of the original Star Wars episodes! And we're pretty okay with it. I think David was a little stunned tonight that I am not the only non-Star Wars person. Although something tells me that he and Brian may cook something up for Beth & I in the future.

Overall, a great weekend.


Anonymous said...

Too cute! I need to take some life group photos too!

Becky Alaniz said...

Love the picturs of the boys, we had a wonderful time too! I'm so glad I called you back...just think of the fun we would've missed out on!!