Thursday, May 22, 2008

If it's not one thing...

This post will probably sound like it was composed by quite the Debbie-Downer, but bear with me. Blogging is somewhat therapeutic in a way, at least to me it is.
I try really hard to be a flexible person, but in a way, I know deep down that I thrive within the confines of my daily/weekly routine. I get a little, well, emotional, when things are out of control. And I feel as if I may be reaching that point. So while Benjamin is quietly playing with his cars and Jonathan is down for a short nap, I thought I would blog a know, for therapy's sake.
This week started off, But nothing too dramatic. We knew going into Monday that we needed to get my car into the dealership, the check engine light came on Friday night and didn't want to magically go off by itself. So we ended up being without my car for two days while the repair was done. Of course the factory warranty expired at 36,000 miles and we were sitting right at 36,600 (isn't that always the way?). So, we had to use the extended warranty and actually fork over a deductible. Oh well.
Because of the lack of a car Monday, David's truck was doing double duty as we shuttled from the dealership, to the grocery store, to Rancier Middle School, to Killeen High School. David had to be in several places at once for school events Monday night. He got out of his last meeting late and so we hurried to try to get him the truck in time only to have to just drop him off due to the fact that his school is half an hour from our house during rush hour. He would have had the truck only we thought I would need to pick up the car and he probably couldn't leave from work to get me...blah, blah, blah. But, instead, the car spent the night over at the Chrysler place and we drove around Killeen for over two hours. The boys were actually very cooperative about being cooped up for that long. A little Sonic goes a long way with our bunch.
I feel really bad for David this week because literally it has been a late night every night for him. That's just how it goes around the end of the year. It is nothing new to us, we just miss seeing him a lot. Around here, Wednesday nights being church nights aren't really taken into account either. David had a late meeting last night. At one pont, we thought we might have been able to all make it to Belton for church so the boys and I hung around here for him. But he didn't get home until well after seven, so we were completely MIA last night in B-town. I hate that because we really love Wednesday nights at church.
We moved our refrigerator (actually my dad helped with this big time--thanks, Pop) on Tuesday. We just swapped the one from the kitchen for the one in the garage purely for logistical purposes. I am just not a side-by-side kind of person! I noticed there had been some water on the floor in the garage right next to the entrance to the laundry room. I figured since the water was not hooked up in the garage, the remaining water in the line of that refrigerator was just draining out, no big deal. But it seemed like it wouldn't dry up. The laundry room floor seemed to stay wet. I kept putting down towels only to soak them. Odd. Then last night we noticed on the other side of the laundry room (there is a small hall between the laundry room, our room and the living area, (pictured below in its current state) little wet spots on the carpet. We thought maybe Benjamin hadn't wiped his feet from the garage rug which was still wet from what we thought was the refrigerator. But it seemed really wet. Hmmm. We just chalked it up to not watching close enough when Benjamin came in and out and went to bed.

This morning, not only was the carpet wet, but it puddled when stepped on. Okay, something is definitely wrong here. This was a lot more water than was on the surface of the carpet last night. We started realizing it was coming up through the carpet from the foundation. What in the world? Not only was the carpet wet, but the tiles in the entry hall, the laundry room towels were soaked and the garage floor still had water around the door. And all of these walls surrounded...the air conditioner! That was our culprit. We think the pan has overflowed and backed up under the foundation and now into the house. The carpet is really gross and I pray it doesn't have to be replaced.
I am now sitting in a very warm house (we don't want to run the thing to back it up even more) waiting on a repair man who said he would come sometime between now and four. Sigh.
I know in the big scheme of things this truly is no big deal. But right now it is so frustrating. I just thought I would vent a little. Thanks for listening/reading.
On a side note, we started a new reward system for Benjamin! It seems to be going really well so far. (Thanks for the tips, Becky!) Our old system was very broad and didn't mean much to Benjamin. The new chart works in conjunction with our new "House Rules." And, just to clarify, today's reward is not a new computer....that is just a symbol for computer time to play a game! Although, Daddy did get a new Mac notebook for work which he brought home last night so I could drool over. I am slightly jealous.

UPDATE: The good news is the AC problem is fixed. The bad news is the gross reality of what it was. The previous homeowner installed a French drain in the back yard shortly before we bought the house. For some odd reason, they routed the drain pipe for the AC into that French drain. Soooo...when the French drain backs up, so does the AC...into our house! However, the repair guy just cut the AC drain off where it is supposed to be and we are back in business. I just love that there was yard water in our carpet. Benjamin helped me steam the carpet all afternoon. So far, so good! And Arly...I will be heading to Starbucks in the AM-- great idea! But my car is fixed, I'll be driving!


Arly said...

I say you need a trip to starbucks or something. There is one close to your house, isn't there? I'm thinking...walking trip. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm really glad that you found something that works for him. Sometimes reward systems can be tricky!

Becky said...

oh my heavens...well they always say when it rains it pours, right? I was wondering where ya'll were last night. Missed you.

You know the good thing about rain though? We know that a rainbow will soon follow!! Hang in there girl, a rainbow is headed your way!!!

Cade Matthew said...

Like your new chart dude...I have one just like it!!! See ya on Saturday my Dad to charge up Grave Digger, I told him that's just how we ROLL!!!

Happy Mama said...

I'm sorry things have been crazy! I saw your update at the end though, so at least things are coming back together. Nothing like a week like that to appreciate the calm. Hope you enjoy your summer! Thanks also for the sweet words on your last post to me- you are precious! Love and prayers....