Friday, May 30, 2008

Okay, so don't judge me for being a bit of a sell-out. I just had to try one of these pre-fab blog templates and it was so easy! And I like it a whole lot more than the red, white and blue. I know it didn't last was driving me nuts. So, I'll just go with this for a while.

It is already dreadfully hot here. And a bit humid, too. Yesterday after playing outside (in the morning, too), Benjamin was sitting at the table eating his lunch. He started rubbing his forehead and saying..."I am sooo sweaty." It made lunch pretty appetizing.
Part of the problem is that our backyard has no shade except the patio, which isn't really where a kid wants to play. Until we plant some trees, I think it will continue to be "soooo sweaty", even in the morning.
So, I thought for the summer time we could make Fridays "Fundays" with an outing of some sort (besides Target or HEB or the usual suspects). The boys will always have something fun to look forward to, and in July Daddy can even join us. KISD gives them Fridays off in July. Originally, I thought about driving out to my parents' house today, but it sounded like they had a lot going on. So we went to a duck pond on the Central Texas College Campus. I stumbled upon this list this morning and found the pond on there. I thought this list was pretty cool..just for kiddos with both the boy's reviews and his dad giving his take as well. This may be our entire Friday Funday activities list.
The boys loved the pond. We even drove through McD's as a treat since I was trying to make the day a little not-so-ordinary. Made for a fun picnic.
Here is a glimpse (okay more like a photo essay) of our day...

This was the Welcome Committee. They wasted no time in rushing over to greet us.

Huge and scary looking, but actually quite friendly.

"Mom, can I please take this ridiculous-looking hat off?"

Benjamin's buddy...he followed him all the way up the bridge (pictured below).
Sweet boys.


Amanda said...

Looks like a fun place! Bethany would love to go there. Maybe we'll have to go together sometime! Cute pics of the boys - they are precious.

Jennifer said...

Your blog looks great, as usual! What a fun day. I like that list of activities. We might have to look into some of those things too!

Alisha Stewart said...

Your blogs are always cute. I've had the same template on mine for the past couple of years and still am not brave enough to figure out how to upgrade. It's silly but I'm so fearful of losing everything on my blog. Soon enough I'm going to have to brave it:)