Monday, May 26, 2008

The Official Beginning of Summer

It looks as though summer has officially begun. With 100-degree-plus weather this weekend, two cookouts and a whole bunch of watermelon consumed by a three-year old, summer is officially in full swing in the Dominguez household. And two little boys are certainly enjoying it.
It feels like we've been going non-stop this Memorial day weekend, but it's been a blast. Our class at church had a cookout Saturday night and we all had a great time over at Steve & Becky's. Jonathan especially enjoyed showing off his sunglasses.
Benjamin turned into a watermelon-eating machine at our own cookout yesterday for our LIFEGroup. We had 27 people here for a really fun time last night. David had one smokin' grill (literally-- I wished I had a photo of it!); and the kitchen was hoppin' with homemade ice cream, cupcakes, burgers & doggies, and some great dips that everyone brought. Fun times.
Today we have just taken it easy! We did head over to the Luby's in Temple for lunch. And while the boys were napping (or pretending to), David and I worked online planning out our beach vacation coming up in June. We can't wait to get away for a bit. With his schedule jumping around the calendar this summer, we think we finally have nailed down a week in June to get away and another week in July to hang out at home. We promised ourselves we would get in some good family time together this summer and it looks like it will work out. David's mom and dad are also going to get to come and visit us at the end of June. It has been tough being further away from them, especially with gas prices on the up and up (and up and up and up).
So, welcome, Summer 2008! We hope you're a good one.


Faith said...

Fun, fun times! I enjoy keeping up with you through your blog Kristi. The picture of Jonathon and daddy is precious!

Happy Mama said...

Cute pics! Love the shades- :)
Beach vacate? Do tell!