Sunday, April 13, 2008

Benjamin's Music

We had a funny thing happen the other day.

We were at a gas station on the way home from church, when Benjamin began singing a song from the back seat. (Just as a little background: For this to make sense, you need to know that Benjamin was, at the time, keeping a pet "Roly Poly" from the backyard. He has since released it back into "the wild".)

Anyway, out of nowhere, and to no one but himself, Benjamin sang, "Ro-o-ly Polies, get gas, get gas! I-I-In their cars, their cars, their cars!" That was about as far as the song went, but the song was sung to the tune of "The Blue Danube" by Strauss. (Don't be impressed by my quoting that. I had to hum the tune to the Band Director at school to get the title.) We had a good laugh. We're assuming he learned that tune from one of his "Baby Einstein" DVD's.

Later on at home, Benjamin noticed me listening to music on our iPod. Benjamin wanted to listen in as well, so I let him. The song was "No One" by Alicia Keys. (Totally worth a buck on iTunes, by the way....)

I'm not sure if Benjamin had really paid attention to this song before, but he sure picked it up quickly. With headphones in ears, he belted out the chorus, "No one, No one, Noooooo ooooooooonnnne!" with a pretty much blank expression on his face.

We cracked up.

After this, it was the Cars soundtrack, singing along with Chuck Berry to "Route 66". Benjamin's becoming quite the iPod king!


MelissaT said...

Love it!!! I cracked up at the roly poly song--I can hear it perfectly in my head. There must be something about Alicia Keys that 3 year olds "get" because Emily picked up on that song immediately as well (definitely worth the dollar).

I hope the boys will be feeling well soon. It sure must be hard with two sick ones.

Happy Mama said...

That is SO cute! You may have a musical genius on your hands! Definately one to get on video. I'd love to see that-
What a guy! :) Praise Baby CD's are the fav at our house. Hadlea will sing " a we cwy howy, howy, howy" and it is so funny to hear- love that kind of stuff!

Laney said...

A budding musician - I love it! So cute :)