Friday, April 25, 2008

Storm Season

You know you're back in central Texas when there are weekly (if not daily) thunderstorm/flash flood/tornado warnings issued for your county. Tonight was a doozy for our little area and it looks like more is on the way after midnight.

This is what the sky in front of our house looked like earlier.

You can see all of the madness brewing over our rooftop in this one.

Our friends in Belton seemed to have had a bigger storm. We heard reports of tornadoes touching down not too far from our church. I am praying everyone is okay and that there was minimal damage.


Jennifer said...

Well, our little family went down and hung out with the Duggan's in their bathtub during this "exciting" time. Aside from our dented cars from hail and a lot of debris everywhere, I think we did just fine. It did touch down close by though! Haven't seen what the damage was there though. We just came back home and left it at that.

Kristi said...

Jennifer-- glad you're okay. We immediately thought of you guys and the Duggans when they said a tornado touched down at 439 & 317. Scary stuff. Sorry about your cars, too. I know that is such a pain.

Happy Mama said...

YIKES! That is really one of the things I do not miss about west Texas. We don't get much action here in Roswell (knocking on wood) but those pictures sure brought back memories fast! Hope you were all ok and didn't get any damage. Blessings on you during storm season 2008!!!! :)