Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mom said my blog was "old"

I just got an email from my mother requesting an update on here.
Not a whole lot to report. We've had a case of major cabin fever. Jonathan is still a little cranky, but seems to be getting somewhat back to normal. I desperately needed to get out of the house today...and so did the boys. So, we had a little picnic at the park. The last place we have been was the doctor, so I figured McD's would be a nice treat for Benjamin since he was so tired of being at home.
I figured we were least likely to give anyone else any germs at an almost empty park. I think Jonathan isn't really contagious at this point anyway.
KISD is closed tomorrow to use up a bad weather day-- woohoo! We will probably just do some yard work and hang around the house.
Oh, and I joined the whole Facebook thing. It really is very interesting. I feel a little old on it, but there are a ton of ACUers on it. A bunch of both sides of our families are on it as well. Just one more way to stay in touch.


David said...

Glad y'all got out. I know it was a LONG week! You are such a great mom! LLLY

Anonymous said...

Mom saya thanks for the update. I bet their mom was glad to get out of the house too.
Love, Grandma

Hollye said...

I am very glad the boys are better. Please tell "anonymous" thanks so much for the cute "grandparent" cards. They were the first ones that we received! We sure have missed seeing your parents.

Nyla said...

I'm glad you had a nice outing and that the boys are on the mend. We received the photos, such handsome boys! Thanks!!!

Love you all

Mom D.

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Happy Mama said...

Sounds like a fun day! Being cooped up is never fun, especially with sickos. :) Cute pictures and I am glad you got a weather day with David- those are always nice! Take care and hope you are all better now!