Monday, April 28, 2008

Happy TAKS Week, etc.

Happy TAKS week to my husband and all of you out there in the blogosphere affected by the craziness and nervousness this week takes on. Last night at LIFEGroup, we prayed for this week with all of our LG kids and parents (and teacher and principal!). I never realized how big it truly is until I talked with some of the kiddos in our group last night. I only hear about it from David's standpoint, you know logistically and score-wise. But these kids really put their hearts into this week as well. A couple of the girls last night told me how nervous they are that they do well. I hope everyone has a very successful week.
We had a busy weekend. Of course Friday night was stormy, but we all survived. So did all of our church friends in Belton, too. We heard some crazy stories about how everyone handled their Friday night (in bathtubs, under mattresses, under laundry baskets!).
Saturday night Benjamin and I went to Corbin's birthday party-- an adorable puppy party! We are actually about to head over there again today for play group. David stayed home to tie up some loose ends for TAKS week, prepare for teaching the high school class at church and split a box of mac and cheese with Jonathan.
Sunday morning we both taught classes...I have been teaching one of the three-year-old classes at church and really enjoying it. We attempted to let Benjamin go to the "children's church" during the sermon, but it didn't quite work out. He didn't seem quite ready for it, yet. When I went in to take him back with me, he said..."I think I just need to go back to 'da warship service' today." Made sense to me. We'll try again soon.
He also was actually very interested in who was preaching, so that may have had something to do with it. Bill Young has been an interim preacher for us for several months now and was back yesterday morning to preach. I knew Bill and Ann from my ACU days and working in the alumni office-- such sweet people. A few months ago, Bill had given Benjamin "five" after services that day and it really stuck with Benjamin. Whenever Benjamin saw Bill after that he would always say, "there's Bee-yull (spoken like a true hick), he is the preacher and he gave me five!" I really think Benjamin just wanted to stay and see Bee-yull. He also gave him five again today!
Last night we had a great LIFEGroup at our home. We are really enjoying getting to know our group. Lots of great families and couples. Our group is a little different in that we keep the kids with the group instead of taking them to the church for the kids' stuff. This actually started as a logistical reason since most of our group lives in Harker Heights and Killeen, and taking kiddos all the way to the church would sort of defeat our purpose of trying to make a group that was convenient to the "west" members. But keeping the kiddos with us has really evolved into a fun time with them. Each family is getting to know each other versus just the couples. We are really enjoying how this has worked out for us and our group. We try to spend some "family time" together praying and talking and then the kiddos have their own time together while the adults have their lesson/sharing time. If any of you are involved in small groups at your church, I welcome (with open arms) any more ideas to help incorporate our children into our group, but also have time as just kiddos, too!
Well, I have rambled for awhile. I just want to try to record lots of memories over time and this weekend had some good ones. Happy Monday!

Benjamin and his puppy ears from Corbin's birthday party.

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Syndi said...

I just wanted to tell you that it is awesome that Benjamin wanted to stay in the worship service! Even though it is tough to wrestle with young ones, you just never know what they will pick up on. Very mature of him!