Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Goodbye, Babyhood

Jonathan has really started becoming quite the toddler; it looks like he has said farewell to his baby days.
In the last couple of weeks, we managed to get rid of the bottle (although we had a slight regression this past weekend, no big deal). He is also about ready to kick that morning nap habit as well, which is a little soon for me! Benjamin and I have gotten used to that morning time as our little time to do projects, so we will make some adjustments there. I have noticed that if he just has the one nap, he can sleep for a good three hours. However, if there are two naps that day, he usually wakes up 30 minutes through the second one very cranky. So, we'll be nixing that pretty quick.
He is into everything, but starting to realize that no-no does indeed mean no-no. He has a very mischievious side which makes us laugh when he isn't looking! He knows which drawers/cabinets are off limits and he proceeds to not only get our attention before breaking the rules, but giggle through the process.
He has a few words that he uses repeatedly: "Thank You" (pronounced daint-doooooo), "HappyHappyHappy" (Benjamin said the exact same thing), "Daddy" (pronounced datteeeeee) and "Night-Night" (pronounced nigh-niiiiiiiigh).
He is very loving and cuddly and slops sugar on anyone who picks him up.
One thing that has raised our eye brows is what Benjamin refers to as the "growly bear." Jonathan will grunt and growl anytime he wants to get Benjamin's attention (he only does this to his brother, it is quite interesting). And of course, it drives Benjamin absolutely nuts. And we are pretty sure Jonathan is aware of that.
He is still a foodie. He loves bananas and splits one with Benjamin every morning. He also adores bread (wouldn't you know it, a carb-junkie, just like his mama). One of his favorite meals is any type of casserole you set in front of him-- a true Texan, huh?
He is not walking quite yet. But I am not worried about it, B didn't strut his stuff until the very end of fifteen months. He crawls everywhere and pulls himself to a stand by tripoding (is this a word?) himself up-- it's pretty funny to watch. Every so often I catch him walking on his knees! I think he could truly walk if he wanted to, he is just making the rest of us wait!
I am sad to see the babiness fade away, but am certainly enjoying our loving and mischievious little toddler.


Fenrisar said...
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Jennifer said...

Aaawww, he's growing up!! That's funny about the growling! Aren't kids funny? Oh, and I think tripoding is a perfectly good word! haha!

Lauren said...

He is just precious!!! I love that he says "happyhappyhappy"!! Sweet sweet boy!!

Nyla said...

Thanks for sharing these little insights into daily life. They are precious and make us feel closer than our 8 hours away. Such sweet little boys!